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3 Path Lighting Techniques that Break all the Rules

3 Path Lighting Techniques that Break all the Rules

Posted by Danielle Sherrer on May 12th 2023

Pathway lighting adds both ambiance and style to light the way to or from your home. It is totally okay to break the rules of symmetry and design when designing your pathway and the lighting.

Sometimes Less Path Lights is More

Pathway lighting does not have to be super bright. It can be soft and subtle. Pathway lights do not need to completely light up the entire area especially if it is a pathway that is not used as frequently. A backyard pathway that leads to a wooded area does not need super bright lighting like a pathway that leads up to the front door. For an area like this, maybe you want to see the stars or create a small sanctuary on that area of the property.

Stagger Your Outdoor Lights

No need to get the tape measure out! Stagger your path lights on either side of the walkway. Having outdoor path lighting or landscape lighting not in a typical straight line works well to create balance. That balance is a great way to welcome guests to your home.

Pathway lights in backyard

Mix and Match to Create Your Own Style

Combine different shapes, styles, and finishes of path lights to create your own style. There are so many different kinds of landscape lighting including lanterns, stake lights, and decorative solar lights. Using different path lights and landscape lighting options can also help compliment parts of your home that you would like to accent.

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