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Apartment Lighting Project: Battery Operated LED Under Cabinet Light

Apartment Lighting Project: Battery Operated LED Under Cabinet Light

Posted by Chris Johnson on Dec 16th 2015

In this apartment lighting project I am installing an under cabinet LED light that provides much needed task lighting in my very warmly lit apartment kitchen. That's right, folks. I had an itchin' in my kitchen, and only a cool LED task light could soothe it. I can't tell you how happy I am with this wireless LED under cabinet light.

If you have ever lived in an apartment, then you know that any lighting changes can't (or at least SHOULDN'T) require wiring. You also know the way AC adapters seem to multiply around your precious few power outlets. That's why I decided to go with a battery operated LED under cabinet light. I used to be skeptical about battery operated lights until I realized how far LED technology has come in terms of efficiency. Because I will only use the LED under cabinet light for short tasks, and because LEDs are so efficient, I know that I will not be changing these batteries very often at all.

Kitchen cabinets before battery undercabinet lights

As you may infer from the photo above, my family dabbles in something of a "bohemian chic" (emphasis on the bohemian, lol) aesthetic, so, of course, we do have string lights running around some cupboards, and this maybe sort of counts as under cabinet lighting? But in reality the light is just too warm and low to carry out tasks precisely. It's important to remember that the counter is useful for preparing food, and it also needs to be cleaned daily. As attractive as the string lights may be (and the same goes for our brand new antique light bulb), a cool white light is necessary to cut through the amber tones.

So this is how the very simple installation of the wireless LED under cabinet light worked.

1. I chose the cabinet. (You know, the wine one.)

Kitchen cabinets

2. I prepared my pathetically small assembly of required equipment and tools.

Tools for project

Included: A drill (or screwdriver), the included screw mount bracket, the included screws, and the light.

3. I fastened the bracket to the cabinet in one minute.

Installing bracket for under cabinet light

4. I popped 6 AA batteries in the back and snapped the light into place.

Battery under cabinet fixture installed

Would you LOOK at that? Nothing like big results from minimal effort to boost the ego. But seriously, it looks great. Here's what the light looks like from below, when it's turned on:

Alternate view of LED battery under cabinet light

That's the cool light I was looking for! Yes! Shine your beams upon my otherwise warmly lit counter top, you glorious LED light!

As you can probably guess, I am very happy with this battery operated LED under cabinet light. It has exceeded my expectations in terms of light output, ease of installation, and design. It's inconspicuous but good-looking, versatile but rigid. This is exactly what our apartment kitchen lighting scheme needed.

So here is what it looks like to adults. First off and then on.

Lights off Lights on

The verdict is in, folks: $15 kitchen lighting makeover for the win!!!