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August 2015

What Are Lumens?

By Chris Johnson 4 years ago 3721 Views No comments

Using a lamp's wattage to ascertain its brightness (the higher the wattage, the brighter the light), doesn't work anymore. Enter the lumen.

Visible Light Astronomy

By Chris Johnson 4 years ago 4416 Views No comments

Visible light astronomy includes a variety of observations with optical telescopes that work with visible spectrums of light. Visible light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum of light emitted from frequencies of electromagnetic radiation.

How Do Lights Work?

By Chris Johnson 4 years ago 476 Views No comments

If it wasn’t for the fact that Franklin experimented and had the interest back in the 17th century, having a power source to turn on lights, play computer games, listen to music and watch TV in the 21st century may not have come into existence.

Electricity and Light Resource Guide

By Chris Johnson 4 years ago 496 Views No comments

We use electricity everyday even though we cannot see or touch it. Most items in our houses, schools, and offices are powered by electricity, such as televisions, computers, phones, lamps, microwave ovens, kettles, heaters, fans, ...

Reflection and Refraction of Light

By Chris Johnson 4 years ago 2452 Views No comments

Rainbows are an example of an optical illusion that occurs due to the behavior of light rays. In this article, we’ll explore the basic properties of light and see how light acts differently when it passes through certain mediums.

All About Light Pollution

By Chris Johnson 4 years ago 1469 Views No comments

Light pollution, also known as luminous pollution, is defined as the excessive introduction of artificial lighting to the outdoor environment. People who are unfamiliar with this problem often do not fully understand how light can become a pollutant.

A Guide to the Aurora Borealis Lights

By Chris Johnson 4 years ago 322 Views No comments

Aurora Borealis is the scientific name for the phenomena more commonly known as The Northern Lights. They are brilliant colored waves of light, which can be seen against dark skies.

Lighting Tips for Home Gyms

By Chris Johnson 4 years ago 2458 Views No comments

Poorly lit home gyms tend to lack energy whereas a bright space with a generous amount of light is generally more inviting for exercise and can be crucial to creating just the right environment for a vigorous or energetic workout.

Las Vegas Convention Center Display Lighting Guidelines

By Chris Johnson 4 years ago 804 Views No comments

If you are exhibiting at a show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, use this information as your guideline to help you choose the appropriate display lighting for your booth.

How to Make a Lightbox

By Chris Johnson 4 years ago 3776 Views No comments

DIY light boxes used in bonus rooms or children's bedrooms are a thrilling way to illuminate the specialness of your space. So many options, though. What kind will you make?

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