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January 2016

Buying LED Light Bulbs (When You’re Used To Xenon)

By Chris Johnson 3 years ago 996 Views No comments

Can LED light bulbs seriously stand in for xenon light bulbs? Find out how to replace your xenon lights with LEDs, while keeping the exact same look.

6 Ways to Light a Wine Cellar

By Chris Johnson 3 years ago 6965 Views No comments

In the dark about how to light your wine cellar? Learn how to get that perfect lighting scheme in this post. It's about drama, convenience, and hospitality.

How To Install Recessed Puck Lights In 8 Easy Steps

By Chris Johnson 3 years ago 3734 Views No comments

If you're ready to install recessed puck lights for task or accent lighting in any space, follow these simple tips. Perfect lighting here you come!

How to Choose a Dimmer

By Chris Johnson 3 years ago 3889 Views No comments

What dimmer works with your lighting system? Learn about dimmers for LEDs, CFLs, low and line voltage, electronic and magnetic transformers, and more.

How to Pick a Paint Color: The Lighting Perspective

By Chris Johnson 3 years ago 2386 Views No comments

Ever noticed how a paint color you carefully chose at the store looks completely different in your living room? The effect of metamerism occurs when colors appear to change under different light conditions. Use metamerism to your advantage by understanding how lighting effects a room's color.

How to Choose Between LED Strip Lights and LED Puck Lights

By Chris Johnson 3 years ago 6031 Views No comments

LED under cabinet lighting is one cost-effective, DIY way to dramatically improve both the use and "feel" of the space while keeping electrical costs in check for years to come. Popular options include LED strip lights and LED puck lighting.

The Incredible Versatility of LED Strip Lights

By Chris Johnson 3 years ago 962 Views No comments

What makes a tape light different than a rope light or a linear light? Learn what the differences are and when to use one strip light over another.

Apartment Lighting Project: Antique Light Bulb

By Chris Johnson 3 years ago 771 Views No comments

Tom had a single pendant light in his apartment kitchen. When he tried an antique light bulb in the light fixture ... wow! Warm lighting achieved.

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