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Buying LED Light Bulbs (When You’re Used To Xenon)

By Chris Johnson 3 years ago 2642 Views No comments

Can LED light bulbs seriously stand in for xenon light bulbs? Find out how to replace your xenon lights with LEDs, while keeping the exact same look.

How to Choose a Dimmer

By Chris Johnson 3 years ago 4692 Views No comments

What dimmer works with your lighting system? Learn about dimmers for LEDs, CFLs, low and line voltage, electronic and magnetic transformers, and more.

How to Choose Between LED Strip Lights and LED Puck Lights

By Chris Johnson 3 years ago 7774 Views No comments

LED under cabinet lighting is one cost-effective, DIY way to dramatically improve both the use and "feel" of the space while keeping electrical costs in check for years to come. Popular options include LED strip lights and LED puck lighting.

The Incredible Versatility of LED Strip Lights

By Chris Johnson 3 years ago 1170 Views No comments

What makes a tape light different than a rope light or a linear light? Learn what the differences are and when to use one strip light over another.

How to Choose Solar Lights for Your Yard

By Chris Johnson 3 years ago 2643 Views 1 comment

When you invest in solar lights, you won't have to spend money on a monthly power bill! However, you need to know how to pick a quality fixture.

How to Choose a Recessed Shower Light

By Chris Johnson 3 years ago 16846 Views No comments

Recessed shower lights are a critical part of bathroom lighting design. Use this guide to select the right light fixture for your bathroom.

How Many Under Cabinet Lights Do I Need?

By Chris Johnson 3 years ago 10212 Views No comments

When installing under cabinet lights, follow these guidelines to determine how many fixtures you should purchase.

The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Lighting

By Chris Johnson 3 years ago 629 Views No comments

Get the most out of your seasonal decorating with a holiday lighting guide that is sure to put you in the holiday spirit!

How to Choose a Low Voltage Transformer in 4 Easy Steps

By Chris Johnson 3 years ago 19679 Views No comments

Low voltage transformers can be difficult to select. This guide will walk you through finding the right transformer for your light fixture.

Cheat Sheet for Choosing LED Recessed Light Retrofit Modules

By Chris Johnson 4 years ago 16888 Views No comments

A step-by-step guide for choosing the best LED retrofit recessed lighting model to order for your home or business.

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