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Lighting Tips

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How to Make Your Garage Lighting Energy Efficient

By Chris Johnson 3 years ago 1903 Views No comments

Are you doing all you can to save energy in the garage? We all stash things there and forget them, but you should never forget about your garage lighting.

Use Lighting to Increase Your Home Security

By Chris Johnson 3 years ago 2892 Views No comments

Prevent intrusions and crime while increasing your safety, and others, by installing an outdoor security light to the wall or roof of your home, office or commercial building, or even within the surrounding landscaping.

How to Prepare for a Power Outage

By Chris Johnson 3 years ago 360 Views No comments

If the lights go out in your house, what will happen? Chaos? Mayhem? Havoc? Probably. Unless you know what to do. Here's how to plan for a power outage.

What is Voltage Drop and How to Prevent It?

By Chris Johnson 3 years ago 181 Views No comments

Learn about voltage drop in lighting systems with an easy-to-understand garden hose analogy including tips for reducing drops in voltage over long runs.

How Many Lights Can I Connect To My Transformer?

By Jess Turner 3 years ago 29984 Views No comments

To figure out how many lights you can power with a single transformer, look to the minimum and maximum wattage ratings.

Six Uses for Battery Operated Motion Sensor Lights

By Chris Johnson 3 years ago 1981 Views No comments

With battery operated motion sensor lights, you get a lot of bang for the buck. Here are six uses that will illuminate their awesomeness.

Keep Your Home Safe During the Holidays with these Crime Stopping Tips

By Chris Johnson 3 years ago 425 Views No comments

Reduce the chances of your home being targeted by criminals during the holiday season, and learn how to protect it if you are.

How Durable are LED Step Lights?

By Chris Johnson 3 years ago 843 Views No comments

Staircase lighting has to withstand a lot, but LED step lights are up to the challenge. However, just how much abuse can they take before damage happens?

How To Get The Most Out of the Artwork In Your Home

By Chris Johnson 3 years ago 884 Views No comments

Tips for installing picture lights so that you can enhance textures, show off details, and make the colors in your artwork more vibrant.

How to Have Great Lighting in a Rental

By Chris Johnson 3 years ago 17030 Views No comments

When a landlord is in control, renters often have to compromise for inadequate lighting. This post will teach you how to have great lighting in any space.

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