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How to Install LED Step Lights in 6 Easy Steps

How to Install LED Step Lights in 6 Easy Steps

Posted by Chris Johnson on Sep 22nd 2015

Let's first take a moment to remember that it's always a good idea to get a licensed electrician involved in any electrical project in your home. Now let's move directly into how to install LED step lights in a retrofit application. Remember, always read the instructions that come with your LED step light before taking any electrical action.

1) The Thing that Usually Comes First

Safety! Before undertaking a project like this, make sure you're not pressed for time or otherwise stressed out. If you aren't already, get educated on at least the very basics of electrical wiring. It's not that complicated, and a little knowledge goes a long way. Before beginning, make sure your electrical connections are up to National Electric Code, and shut off the circuit box or remove the appropriate fuse at the fuse box. You don't want to get shocked! Remember not to install LED step lights near gas or electrical heaters and that it may be safer to use hand tools. Be smart and safe, and let qualified people service the product. If at ANY point, you feel that you lack adequate experience, consult a qualified, licensed electrician. There you go. Safety first, always.

2) Out with the Old

And in with the new. Remove the old device from the electrical box, and set it aside. You won't be needing it anymore. Now it's time to connect the new LED step light to the power source.

3) Do the Twist

Twist together the bare ends of the copper wires as follows: Black to black. (That's the hot wire.) White to white. (That's the neutral.) Once you have twisted the black wire from the LED step light to the black wire from the power source and the white wire from the LED step light to the white wire from the power source, use screw-on wire connectors and UL listed electrical tape.

4) Mount Your Work

Time to mount the LED step light into the electrical box in the wall. Make sure the TOP is up. Use the screws provided with the device.

5) Cover Up!

This is where things start coming together. Screw the cover plate onto the step light with the provided screws. Now, it looks like, well, an LED step light!

6) Let There Be Light

Installation is complete! Turn the power back at the circuit box (or replace the fuse you removed) and enjoy your new LED step light.

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