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How To Install Recessed Puck Lights In 8 Easy Steps

How To Install Recessed Puck Lights In 8 Easy Steps

Posted by Danielle Sherrer on Jul 6th 2023

Recessed puck lights are a simple, attractive light source for task lighting and accent lighting. If you're ready to use puck lights to illuminate your cabinets or shelves, just follow these tips to create the perfect lighting scheme!

1. Pick Your Pucks: LED, Mini, Battery Operated, 12V?

With numerous things to consider including the light source, size, and how the puck light will be powered, do some research, and see what will fit your needs. LED is the most energy efficient option that is also long lasting over halogen or fluorescent options. There are also puck lights of various sizes and shapes. Figure out your power source as well: plug-in, hardwire, or battery operated. Other things to consider include if low voltage lights are needed and the color temperature the lights will be.

2. How Many Puck Lights Do You Need? Look for a kit that includes multiple lights.

Your application will determine how many puck lights are needed. For under cabinet lighting or to light a bookshelf, one light should be used for every 6-10 inches of space. Puck lights also make great display lights. One light should be positioned above every item that is being highlighted,

3. Decide How Lights Should Be Placed

For bright and even illumination, lights should be installed closer to the front of the cabinet or shelf. A standard practice is installing each puck light every 6-10 inches. This also helps to provide the best task lighting for the application. If puck lights are being used for accent lighting, play around with how to place your puck lights to make the display look its best.

4. Plug Them in to Test Them Out

Of course, this step is a little harder with hardwired puck lights, but for plug in and battery-operated lights, turn them on and see how the final product will look. Once you know exactly where you want the lights to be installed after making any adjustments, trace each one with a pencil.

5. Double Check Measurements and Have the Tools Ready

After each light is traced, each puck light should be removed for the time being. The dimensions should be doubled checked with the specs and instructions of the product to make sure that the diameter was traced correctly. Once, all dimensions are verified once more, a hole saw can be used to drill into the bottom of your cabinets or shelves.

6. Install the Lights

Use mounting clips or screws to fasten the lights to the surface they are being installed to. Be sure to follow the instructions and use the necessary tools that come with the lights or are recommended for use with the lights.

7. Turn on Your Lights

If the lights are battery operated or plug-in, turn them on and see your hard work in action. Some lights though may need to be hardwired or require the use of a driver or transformer.

8. Admire Your Hard Work!

Step back and admire the project you completed.

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