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Lighting Associations and Other Professional Organizations

Lighting Associations and Other Professional Organizations

Posted by Jim Morrison on May 21st 2018

AIA - The American Institute of Architects -

The American Institute of Architects is the voice of the architecture profession dedicated to serving its members, advancing their value, and improving the quality of the built environment. Through a culture of innovation, The American Institute of Architects empowers its members and inspires creation of a better built environment.

ASID - The American Society of Interior Designers -

The ASID promotes professionalism in interior design services and products for the workplace and home. To keep up with the unique needs of its members, ASID conducts independent research on topics related to the practice and business of the profession.

CIE - The International Commission on Illumination -

As its name implies, the International Commission on Illumination - abbreviated as CIE from its French title Commission Internationale de l'Eclairage - is an organization devoted to international cooperation and exchange of information among its member countries on all matters relating to the science and art of lighting. The CIE is a technical, scientific and cultural, non-profit autonomous organization that has grown out of the interests of individuals working in illumination.


An organization promoting the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface lighting control standard.

ELDA+ - European Lighting Designers' Association -

ELDA+ is a voluntary federation of lighting designers and lighting consultants who are active on an international scale, their purpose being to increase the reputation of the profession and to establish the profession as such in its own right.

IALD - The International Association of Lighting Designers -

Founded in 1969 and based in Chicago, Illinois, USA, the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) is an internationally recognized organization dedicated solely to he concerns of independent, professional lighting designers. The IALD strives to set the global standard for lighting design excellence by promoting the advancement and recognition of professional lighting designers.

IDA - The International Dark-Sky Association -

IDA's goals are to be effective in stopping the adverse environmental impact on dark skies by building awareness of the problem of light pollution and of the solutions, and to educate everyone about the value and effectiveness of quality nighttime lighting.

IESNA - The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America -

The IESNA is the recognized technical authority on illumination. For over ninety years its objective has been to communicate information on all aspects of good lighting practice to its members, to the lighting community, and to consumers through a variety of programs, publications, and services.

LCA - The Lighting Controls Association -

The Lighting Controls Association (LCA), an adjunct of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), is the association dedicated to educating the professional building design, construction and management communities about the benefits and operation of automatic switching and dimming controls. The benefits include energy savings, flexibility and higher-quality building environments.

LRC - The Lighting Research Center -

The Lighting Research Center is part of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and is considered to be the leading university-based center devoted to lighting. Since it began in 1988, it has built an international reputation as a reliable source for objective information about lighting technologies, applications, and products.

LVLIA - Low Voltage Lighting Institute of the Americas

The Low Voltage Lighting Institute of the Americas is a group of contractors, manufacturers, lighting designers, and landscape architects from all over the United States and Canada that have a common goal of improving the Low Voltage Lighting Industry worldwide.

NALMCO - The interNational Association of Lighting Management Companies -

The interNational Association of Lighting Management Companies is an organization of lighting management and related companies who are committed to promoting professional lighting management techniques, the benefits of quality lighting and to fostering the expansion of the lighting management industry in a professional and ethical manner for the benefit of its members and end users.

NCQLP - National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions -

Through a peer-review process, the NCQLP establishes the education, experience and examination requirements for certification in the lighting industry.

NKBA - The National Kitchen & Bath Association -

The National Kitchen & Bath Association is a more than 25,000 member not-for-profit trade association that has educated and led the kitchen and bath industry for over 40 years.

NLB - The National Lighting Bureau -

The National Lighting Bureau (NLB) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1976 to educate lighting decision-makers about the bottom-line benefits they can derive for their organizations-whether industrial, commercial, retail, or institutional-by specifying High-Benefit Lighting.

SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering -

SPIE is a not-for-profit society that has become the largest international force for the exchange, collection and dissemination of knowledge in optics, photonics and imaging. Founded in 1955, SPIE is the growing legacy of those who seek to learn, discover and innovate by building a better world with light.

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