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Six Uses for Battery Operated Motion Sensor Lights

Six Uses for Battery Operated Motion Sensor Lights

Posted by Chris Johnson on Dec 16th 2015

Battery operated motion sensor lights are the perfect solution for lighting areas of your home or business that lack permanent fixtures. I say this for a few reasons. One is the installation. Installing battery powered lights is darn near effortless – just a few screws and NO WIRING. The best wireless motion sensor lamps also provide a surprisingly large amount of light, and the sensors help ensure that the batteries last for a long time.

1. In the Kitchen.

Motion under cabinet lights in kitchen

Cordless motion sensor lights definitely have a home in the kitchen. They can be used as under cabinet lights, pantry lights, and will provide light in dark areas, like the cabinets under your sink. I love that it can be 10 p.m. on a Friday night, and I can go to the kitchen to get some wine for my wife and me without having to interrupt the movie with blinding ceiling lights. The wireless light under the cabinet blinks right on while I amateurishly uncork the bottle. And should that wine spill? I can reach under the sink for cleaning supplies and actually see what's going on in there.

2. Along Pathways.

Outdoor motion sensor pathway lighting

Did you know that some outdoor battery powered lights come with remote controls? That's right, no more dark walks to or from the car. When you get home, your car will trigger the motion sensors, and, when you leave, you can use a remote to light up your path. I think this is pretty cool, and I wanted you to know about it, too.

3. In the Closet and Pantries.

Mini battery lights in closet

Isn't it annoying how there are no light fixtures in that ONE closet in your rented apartment? A motion activated spotlight is the perfect solution. Again, you'll notice simple installation, long battery life, and plenty of light. It's an easy solution that will ensure that you no longer have to grope in the dark for your sweater (or realize a few hours later that you grabbed the blue one, not the black one like you meant to!). Furthermore, there's a reason that you have two opened boxes of the same kind of cereal in your pantry. It's because it's too dark in there! An LED motion spotlight is a pantry friend who will see that you're hungry and looking for a snack, and it will courteously shed light on your pantry search. That's love.

4. In Hallways.

Motion sensor lights in hallway

Of course, no one WANTS to get out of bed in the middle of the night for any reason. When you do have to go rock the baby back to sleep, let the dog out, jot down an idea on your laptop, or do any of the things people do when they climb out of bed in the wee hours, chances are you'd like a little light to guide your way. And wouldn't it be nice to avoid having to flip any switches or blind yourself with overhead lights? Battery operated motion sensor lights easily mount to the walls in your hallway. They're low-profile and provide perfect night time light for your zombie-like walk to the office, kitchen, or bathroom.

5. Over the Basement Stairs.

Battery light over basement stairs

No light fixture on the basement stairs? Or, is the light switch at the bottom? Motion activated battery powered spotlights are perfect for providing safety in any dark area of the home. You don't even need free hands to turn on the lights. You can carry laundry baskets or children around the house now while actually being able to see! Lighting technology is here to improve the quality of your life.

6. As Outdoor Floodlights.

Outdoor spotlight

An indoor/outdoor battery operated security spotlight is perfect for illuminating that one place outside the house that the hardwired floodlight fixtures miss. Whether they're next to the garbage bins or by the basketball goal, these lights will make running outside to do what you need to do a safer operation. So easy to install – no electrician needed – these are really great for rental properties. When you move out, take them with you. There are so many purposes that you'll be sure to use them again!

As you can see, there are many uses for battery operated motion sensor lights. I love that they're movable, easy to install, and such a great value, considering how much light they provide and how well they conserve battery power. How could these babies improve your life?

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