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Use Lighting to Increase Your Home Security

Use Lighting to Increase Your Home Security

Posted by Danielle Sherrer on Apr 24th 2023

Cameras and security systems aren't the only options when it comes to home security. Making sure your home is well-lit is an equally important part. Installation of security lights that are activated by motion detectors, as well as battery-operated lights in areas where electrical wiring is unavailable, can help reduce the potential for criminal activity. Additionally, uniform lighting can help to reduce the number of dark areas around the home and increase security. Lights should be placed outside all entryways and windows, as well as on timers inside the home.

Home Security Lighting Tips: Motion Sensor Lights, Outdoor Flood Lights, and Landscape Lighting

  • Install dual flood lights with motion sensors on all sides of your home. They automatically come on when they detect any nearby movement.
  • Use in-wall timers on all of your outside lighting and set them from dusk to dawn. You could also use photocell controls on your exterior lights that will automatically turn the lights on at dusk when it gets dark and turn them off at dawn when the sunlight returns.
  • If you have landscape lighting, keep them on for the entire night from dusk to dawn.
  • To practice energy efficiency and the time required to replace any burned-out light bulbs, use LED light bulbs in any outside security light that is left on the entire night.
  • Use garden lights with motion detectors and place them at strategic points around the perimeter of your home.
  • Don't forget the back of your home, especially if you have woods in your backyard. Provide illumination to those areas where intruders can hide from view.
  • Is there any obvious place that a person can hide outside your home? Light it up! There are options for areas that do not have the ability to have electrical wiring. For an area like that use a battery-operated LED security light if there is no electrical wiring in the area.
  • Most of us have some sort of decorative light fixture around our front entryway and garage. Be sure that these and other outdoor lights on or around your home, that can be easily reached from the ground, are fully enclosed so that the light bulbs cannot be easily removed by someone.
  • Utilize timers and remote controls! When you are away on vacation use timers on your indoor lights in several rooms. Make certain that different lights turn on and off at different times to make it look like someone is home.

What type of lighting should be used for home security? What is the best outdoor security lighting?

Depending on the complexity of home security lighting installed, most products come with ease of installation and the ability to do-it-yourself. Dual flood lights with motion sensors installed on all sides of your home will automatically turn on when they detect movement. In-wall timers can set all outside security lights to operate dusk to dawn. Consider solar powered lights with solar panels that charge during the day to provide bright light at night. To save energy and time, use LED light bulbs in any outside security light that is left on during the night. Place garden lights with motion detectors at strategic points around the perimeter of your home, and don't forget the back of your home, especially if it is a more wooded area. To light up any obvious places a person can hide, use a battery-operated LED security light if there is no electrical wiring in the area. Battery-operated LED security lights offer the easiest installation.

The best type of outdoor security lighting will vary based on the property-type and security lighting needs. Lighting that has a IP65 rating should also be used where rain, snow, or other weather elements may drizzle or fall directly onto the light. Making sure your security lights are properly rated for where they will be installed is very important so they will be functional.

What are the 4 common types of outdoor security lights to choose from? Are LED Floodlights and spotlights my only options?

Outdoor security includes more than just having a camera installed on your property. Outdoor lighting has a large range of options including LED flood lights and spotlights, motion sensor lights, dusk-to-dawn lights, and solar lighting are the most common outdoor security lights.

  1. Flood Lights and Spotlights - Flood lights have a large beam angle to illuminate a large area. They are most known for "flooding" an area with light working well for larger backyards, extended driveways, and patio areas. Spotlights can be shined in a particular direction such as a doorway or window to provide security and safety.
  2. Motion Sensor Lights - Motion sensor lights detect movement and turn on to help deter burglars.
  3. Dusk-to-Dawn Lights - Dusk-to-Dawn lights can work in two different ways: being set on a timer to be on from dusk-to-dawn or the light having a built-in photocell.
  4. Solar Lighting - Solar Lighting has solar panels that need to be charged during the day to charge so it can provide bright light at night. Solar lighting is a great way to brighten pathways and landscaping areas.

Do security lights deter burglars?

Home security lighting is an important part of keeping your home safe and secure. Strategically placed lights can help deter burglars and provide a sense of security for you and your family. By creating an effective lighting plan, you can make your home more secure and reduce your risk of being the victim of a break-in.

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