null Pegasus Lighting has closed for business effective May 31st 2018. It was our pleasure to serve you for the past 19 years. - We recommend for all your lighting needs.
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Pegasus Lighting

Pegasus Lighting

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PLEASE NOTE: As of September 2018, does not carry any puck lighting or arm lighting. Please check back for these products in 2019!

Pegasus Lighting is Closing Its Virtual Doors Today

The first Pegasus Lighting website appeared on the Internet in May of 1999, about 9 months after Google was founded and when sold only books. We successfully survived the Great Recession and managed to experience 17+ good years until around the end of 2016. It was then that we found ourselves surrounded by a large number of e-commerce competitors, most of them selling the same products at the same required "minimum advertised prices" as Pegasus and an 800-pound e-commerce "gorilla" named that sold literally everything one could imagine. We were no longer the source of "unique lighting products" but, instead just another e-commerce store that did not have the financial wherewithal to have our "own" lighting products manufactured with our name, Pegasus Lighting, imprinted on them. Given all of this and given that I am quite ready to fully enjoy retirement and my grandchildren, I have decided to dissolve the company and close our virtual doors for the last time.

I want to thank all of our employees, customers, suppliers, and vendors for helping us enjoy a wonderful ride on the "Internet express" for the last 19 years. I wish all of you the best of health and the very best of success in the years ahead.

Most Sincerely, Tom Farin May 31, 2018

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