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T8 & T12 Retrofit Kits

T8 & T12 Retrofit Kits

At we offer a wide variety of retrofit solutions for all of your office and warehouse led lighting needs. Our retrofit solutions will make converting over to LED lighting as easy as flipping the switch.

Strip-Light Retrofit Conversion Kits- converts older 8-foot T8 or T12 strip light fixtures into energy energy efficient 4-foot LED T8 lighting fixtures. Each kit includes the correct number of shunted or non-shunted T8 sockets, retrofit bracket socket plates and self tapping screws. This is a great cost-effective and time saving solutions for all customers.

Troffer Retrofit Kits- upgrade your existing fluorescent troffer into an energy efficient, streamline LED troffer. This easy to install retrofit kit attaches direct to your existing troffer's housing in your office or place of business. Simply remove your tubes,ballast and sockets from your current fluorescent troffer and connect the power to the retrofit solution. Another great cost effective and time saving solution by!

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