Sentry Modern Solar Pathway Light | 2-Pack | 60 Lumens

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2-Pack Sentry Modern Solar Pathway Light - 60 Lumens - Gama Sonic

Gama Sonic

92iP260082 | 92iP270082 | 92iP280082
Certified/Rated for Wet Location

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2-Pack Sentry Modern Solar Pathway Lights: Make your path, garden, driveway, yard, deck, or walkway shine with bright and decorative landscape lighting today!

Solar lights are one of the easiest home improvement projects to complete! Solar lights are easy to install and do not require electricity since their battery is rechargeable by the free energy of the sun. These solar path lights from Gama Sonic are automatic dusk to dawn operation that produce 60 lumens of bright white light with three different accent colors: white, blue, and orange. The three accent colors available can provide some ambiance and add some style on the exterior of your home.

There are some important things to note about this solar pathway light. It is black in finish with a cast aluminum frame, the tempered glass solar panel is 1.2W, and it features a 3.2V 1500mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This set of lights is automatic dusk to dawn operation that will last up to two nights on a full charge. Please note that an initial charge is required for the light to work correctly. That initial charge will require the solar light to be charged for 2-3 days getting full, direct sunlight. To ensure the solar panel is able to continually get a full charge, the solar light should also be installed in a sunny spot that will receive a maximum amount of direct sunlight throughout the day.

This 2-pack of solar pathway lights come with ground stakes and hardware for both ground stake installation and concrete installation. See the instruction manual for more details on both types of installation. The instructions also give details for if you would like the light to be in Low for softer light over a longer duration of time or High for brighter light output. Maintenance of this light is incredibly simple! To ensure a long life of your solar lights, they should be cleaned regularly with a damp towel. No cleaning solvents should be used and not too much pressure should be put on the solar panels while cleaning them.


  • 2-Pack
  • Available in Bright White Color Temperature with three different Accent Lights: Bright White, Blue, and Orange
  • Black Frame Finish
  • 60 Lumens
  • 1.2W Solar Panel
  • 3.2V 1500mAh Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

Product Dimensions: 24" H x 3" W x 4.75" D

How many lumens is best for pathway lights?

Like LED bulbs that have numerous styles, there are a variety of styles of pathway lights. There are also a variety of lumen options for solar pathway lighting starting from 2 lumens. This set of 2 solar pathway lights from Gama Sonic features two 60 lumen lights that can be used for small and larger areas. The ambiance is incredibly important as well as security or visibility. A higher lumen output is wanted for lighting where security and high visibility are needed. But a lower lumen output is fine for if ambiance is more of a priority.

How to install and use solar pathway lights?

This set of Gama Sonic solar pathway lights can be installed into concrete or using ground stakes. The necessary hardware for concrete installation and the ground stakes are included within the package for either installation.

Solar pathway lights can be used to create ambiance, or they can be used more so for security and visibility. Solar pathway lights can also be installed for small and larger areas. Small areas can include short pathways or walkways to a home. Larger areas for installation of pathway lights include driveways and for landscaping around a backyard.

How many years do solar pathway lights last and how do you clean them?

Solar pathway lights can last for years with proper maintenance. To ensure a long life of your solar lights, they should be cleaned regularly with a damp towel. No cleaning solvents should be used and not too much pressure should be put on the solar panels while cleaning them.

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Extra Information

Gama Sonic
Case Qty:
Country Of Origin:
gama-sonic-sentry-modern-pathway-lights-im|pdf|Instruction Manual
Lumens Range:
Less than 800 Lumens
2 Year
Bright White
Ratings and Certifications:
Wet Location
Long Life Span
Recommended Uses:
92iP260082 | 92iP270082 | 92iP280082
Lens Material:
Monocrystalline Solar Panels
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