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Garage & Shop Lighting

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If you're looking to upgrade your garage or shop, lighting is an important factor to consider because it is essential. From LED fixtures to motion-sensing lights, we've rounded up the best garage and shop lighting options to help you get the job done quickly and safely.

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What is the best light fixture for lighting up a garage or shop?

There are multiple products you can use to light up your garage or shop. If you have lamp holders and use screw-in light bulbs you can easily upgrade your lumen output with Adjustable Panel Bulbs that replace A-shape bulbs in lamp holders - simply remove the old bulb and replace with the new adjustable panel bulb. Plug-in LED shop lights are energy-efficient solutions that replace fluorescent shop lights and install in moments. LED shop lights require little maintenance and there are no bulbs to change since the LEDs are integrated. The most energy-efficient and brightest solutions for your garage or shop lighting are hardwired fixtures like linear strip lights or LED high bays for garages or shops with higher ceilings (greater than 12').

If you are looking for temporary lighting for task lighting that you can move around freely, check out out LED temporary work lights for ultra-bright and ultra-portable lighting solutions.

What is the best lighting for a cold garage?

LED bulbs do not need to heat up like fluorescents making them the best lighting for garages. LED fixtures are also a great choice for garages because motion sensors can be installed, or a motion sensor may be included with the fixture. Other benefits of LEDs include using less energy than fluorescents and halogen lights making them more energy efficient. LEDs also providing bright, even illumination for both ambient and task lighting.

What is the best lighting for a commercial garage? Are LED lights and shop lights the best option?

When it comes to lighting a commercial garage or shop, there are several factors to consider. The first is the type of lighting you need, as this will determine the amount of light and the type of fixtures you will need. LED lighting is the best for garages because it is more efficient and provides task lighting for workers and ambient lighting for customers. LED shop lights are used most often in garages because many are linkable and easy to install.

You also need to consider the square footage and ceiling height of the area, the type of work that is done in the space, and the amount of natural light available. Considering these factors will determine the best garage lighting fixture to purchase and what color temperature would work best. Normally, color temperatures of 5000K and up are used in garages because it mimics natural light. Finally, you should consider the wattage of the light fixtures and the types of bulbs that are best.