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LED Wall Packs

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Wall Pack lights are exterior building lights that are commonly mounted on outdoor walls of buildings or structures. Wall Packs provide illumination to outdoor areas that are often used by vehicles or people to provide an increased sense of security to the outdoor space. Multiple wall pack lights are often used along the perimeter wall of a building or fence to provide even lighting around the perimeter. Wall Packs are commonly constructed of die-cast aluminum housings to provide protection against inclement outdoor weather.

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Wall Pack Applications

Common applications for wall pack lights are shopping centers, retail buildings, warehouses, parking garages, or other areas with high foot or vehicle traffic. Wall pack lights are especially useful around building entrances or loading docks.

Many wall packs have optional photo controls that can help save more energy by turning the light on when it's dark and off during the day.

Why LED Wall Packs?

Wall pack lights traditionally used High Intensity Discharge (HID) bulbs such as metal halide (MH), high pressure sodium (HPS), or Mercury Vapor. New, more efficient, LED Wall Packs provide even bright white light while using a fraction of the energy and requiring minimal maintenance. LED lights have a lifespan that is up to 40 times longer than traditional bulbs mentioned above. Combine the long lifespan with the fact these lights are typically mounted high up on a wall, you can realize a maintenance savings over the life of the fixture by not having to change bulbs.

LED Wall Packs also maintain light consistency throughout its life and won't yellow. Some traditional HID wall packs produce a deep yellow color while others take time to warm up. Flickering is also common with traditional HID wall packs and they tend to waste energy by converting larger portion of the energy to heat. LEDs maintain a flicker-free, bright white, light converts a higher percent of the energy used to usable light (not heat).

Types of Wall Pack Lights?

At Lightup, we offer many types of LED wall packs to fit the needs or preference of each project. There are multiple types of wall packs that have different aesthetics and light output.

Traditional Wall Packs

Traditional wall packs are the most common form of wall packs. It uses the same look as the old HID wall packs and are great options to replace old wall packs while keeping the same look. Traditional wall pack design allows light to be spread in a wider area including upwards.

Full Cutoff Wall Packs

Full Cutoff Wall Packs don't have the bulky lens of traditional wall packs and aims light downward. This design helps control light spill and light pollution. Full cutoff wall packs typically comply with dark sky regulations.

Semi Cutoff Wall Packs

Semi Cutoff Wall Packs are in between traditional and full cutoff wall packs in regard to looks. Semi Cutoff Wall Packs direct most light down but some light is still emitted upwards toward the sky or wall.

Mini Wall Packs

Mini Wall packs are the smallest wall packs available and typically used in smaller spaces such as porches, doorways, outdoor hallways, or to highlight signs on a wall.

Architectural Wall Packs

Architectural Wall Packs are often slim and trendy designs meant to blend with the architecture of the building it will be installed on.

Adjustable Wall Packs

Adjustable Wall Packs have a rotatable or adjustable light source which allows the user to aim the light where light is needed. Some have full rotation to shine upward to highlight a tall wall.

Location Ratings

All LED Wall Pack Lights are rated to be used outdoors however there are ranging degrees of outdoor ratings. It is important to ensure you purchase an LED Wall Pack Light that has the proper location rating for the location you wish to install it. Ask yourself the following question:

  • Will the fixture be installed in a location that will have direct contact with rainwater?
    • If yes, you will want an LED Canopy Light that is protected against direct contact with water such as a wet rated fixture.
    • If no direct contact to water is anticipated, then a damp rated LED Canopy Light should work just fine.

Wet rated LED wall pack lights are tested and approved to withstand direct contact with a jet of water. Wet rated LED wall pack lights can withstand the elements when exposed directly!

Damp rated LED wall pack lights on the other hand are tested and approved for use in areas that are regularly in contact with moisture and condensation. These fixtures can handle limited amounts of moisture but can't hold up to direct contact with water spray.