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LumeGen LED Wall Packs

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LED wall packs are an energy-efficient replacement for traditional metal halide lights. LEDs use less watts to emit the same level of lumens as a higher watt incandescent or HID light, making LED floodlights a more efficient way to create well-lit areas that need high outputs of light. LED wall packs are ideal to light up pathways, stairways, building exteriors including perimeters as well as entrances and exits to and from parking lots, and other walkways for commercial or residential applications.

What is a wall pack and why should I use it for lighting the exterior of my business?

A wall pack is a type of outdoor lighting fixture typically mounted on the exterior walls of buildings. It provides bright, focused illumination to enhance visibility, safety, and security in outdoor spaces. Wall packs are commonly used in commercial and industrial settings to illuminate building perimeters, entryways, walkways, parking areas, and other outdoor areas where lighting is essential.

Enhanced Safety and Security

Wall packs provide ample illumination to deter trespassing, vandalism, and other criminal activities by illuminating dark areas around your business premises. Well-lit exteriors also help improve visibility, reducing the risk of accidents and improving overall safety for employees, customers, and visitors. 

Increased Visibility and Brand Presence

Proper exterior lighting, facilitated by wall packs also enhances the visibility of your business, making it more noticeable to potential customers, even during evening hours. Brightly lit building exteriors can also serve as a form of advertising, showcasing your business and attracting attention from potential new customers that may pass by.

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Why Choose LED Wall Packs for Outdoor and Other Exterior Applications?

LED wall packs have emerged as the preferred choice for outdoor lighting applications due to their numerous advantages. They are a cost-effective lighting option for parking lots and building exteriors. There are also options that are wattage and color temperature adjustable making them fully customizable for the location where the lighting is being installed. The color temperature used for a parking lot will likely differ a bit from a stairway. Read more benefits below.

Energy Efficiency and Longevity of LED Wall Pack Lights

LED technology delivers exceptional energy efficiency, consuming significantly less electricity compared to traditional lighting sources making them extremely cost-effective. By making the switch to LED wall packs, businesses can reduce energy costs and lower their environmental footprint without compromising on lighting quality. LED wall packs boast an impressive lifespan, typically lasting tens of thousands of hours before needing replacement. This longevity minimizes maintenance requirements and ensures consistent illumination over a long period of time, providing hassle-free operation for businesses and property owners.

Superior Performance

With advanced optics and precision engineering, LED wall packs deliver bright, uniform illumination across outdoor spaces, enhancing visibility and safety. These fixtures are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, ensuring reliable performance in challenging environments.

Adjustable Wattage and Color Temperature Options

LED wall packs come in various wattages and color temperatures with some fixtures offering multiple to pick from within one fixture giving various lighting options tailored to specific application requirements. Whether it's achieving optimal light levels for security purposes or creating a desired ambiance, LED wall packs offer versatility and flexibility.

Environmental Benefits of Wall Pack Fixtures

LED technology is environmentally friendly, emitting less heat and containing no hazardous materials such as mercury. By choosing LED wall packs, businesses contribute to sustainability efforts while enjoying long-term cost savings and improved lighting quality.

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