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LumeGen Sensors

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These LED Lighting Controls include LED dimmers, receptacles for outlets, wall plates, occupancy sensors and 0-10v dimmers for specific LED applications.

Dimmers can be used to dim the brightness of any LED fixture that allows dimming, taking the brightness down to 10 percent of its normal output.

Occupancy Sensors are great for turning on lights just by walking into a room or area without having to find a wall switch. They can also feature humidity control along with motion control, making these particular models great for bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements.

Receptacles are used as a safe power source in your home, office, or job site and certain ones can also include USB plugs on them to charge your mobile device or tablet.

Wall Plates cover the receptacle or dimmer switch, usually matching in color to provide a clean and visually appealing look of the devices.

0-10v Dimmers are used specifically for devices that require a control voltage of 0-10V for dimming, which normally include high bays, troffers, and panels.

All of these devices are ideal for use in any room or area that needs to have outlets or dimming capability for the lights, including garages, bedrooms, offices, hallways, warehouses, and more!

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