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LumeGen LED Flat Panels

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Panels and Troffers are LED lighting solutions that replace fluorescent fixtures in drop ceilings. Flat Panels and troffers are installed by removing the current ceiling panel and wiring into the power source. They can be mounted in multiple ways depending on your needs including suspension-mounted and surface-mounted. Panels and troffers evenly distribute light to provide glare-free lighting to reduce eye strain and are great for schools, offices hospitals, and retail space.

LED Panels

LED Panels are designed to be a low maintenance and much more energy-efficient replacement to fluorescent troffers, providing better lumen output with less wattage while also lasting longer. The LEDs are integrated into the fixture so no more need to change bulbs requiring less maintenance! LED Flat Panels can last up to 50,000 hours, or over nine years of regular use. They can be installed via drop-in ceilings,surface or suspension mounted or even mounted flush against the ceiling. offers LED Flat Panels in 1x4, 2x2, and 2x4 sizes for all your lighting needs. Flat Panels are also compatible with 0-10 volt dimmers and accessories like motion sensors. We also offer emergency drivers, as a backup for when power fails and you need up to 90 minutes of operation.

Edge-Lit vs Back-Lit LED Panels- LED panels come as either edge-lit or back-lit led fixtures. Edge-lit panels have LEDs arranged along the inside edges of the fixture. A light guide panel directs the light to a plastic diffuser that evenly distributes the light across the surface of the lens. The edge-lit panels have a very thin profile and versatile mounting options. Edge-lit panels can be installed in standard grid ceilings (like troffers), suspension mounting, or flush mount to the ceiling or wall. Some edge-lit panels require a separate surface or suspension mounting kits to be able to install in those situations.

In contrast, back-lit led panels have their LEDs arranged directly behind the lens across the back cavity of the panel fixture. Back-lit panels don't require extra light guide plate that the edge-lit panels require - instead back-lit LED panels have a diffuser that ensures smooth light distribution without hotspots or glare. Back-lit led panels are about twice as deep as edge-lit flat panels to accommodate the LED placement on the back of the fixture. Due to the extra thickness, most back-lit panels can only be used in drop or grid ceiling installations. The back-lit LED panels require minimal components compared to edge-lit panels and regular troffers making back-lit LED panels lightweight and easier to handle.

LED Troffers

LED troffers are made to replace your old fluorescent troffers with a low maintenance and more efficient and longer-lasting LED troffer. These troffers are recessed into the ceiling, and provide more lumens with less wattage required, saving you money without having to sacrifice light output. The LEDs are integrated into the fixture so no longer is there the need to change bulbs requiring less maintenance! offers 2x2 and 2x4 troffers for your lighting needs. New to the LED Troffers family are Troffer Retrofit Kits, which fit into your existing troffer and produce beautiful lighting without all the wires and hassle. Troffers are also compatible with 0-10 volt dimmers and accessories.

DesignLights Consortium (DLC) Ratings - Look for additional energy savings by finding DLC and DLC Premium-rated fixtures. DLC-rated fixtures are high-quality, energy-efficient lighting fixtures. Some DLC-rated fixtures may also qualify for state or local rebates.

Adjustable Wattage and Tunable Color Temperature - These light fixtures provide multiple solutions in one package. Perfect for contractors with many jobs coming up, these fixtures have controls that allow the user to select the wattage (affects lumen output) and/or Color Temperature. These fixtures have switches located on the drivers to select from multiple wattage options or color temperature options to suit any client's or room's lighting need. Just note, once the fixture is installed, you will need to unmount the fixture in order to access the switches to adjust color temperature or wattage.

Just a few advantages to having LED flat panels and troffers are that LEDs have lower wattage for the same level of lumen output, they last longer (up to 50,000 hours of use), are quick and easy to install, and they contain no mercury or other harmful substances.