LED Rebates

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LED Light Rebates

Currently, 78% of the US is covered by an active commercial lighting rebate program. The rebates come from multiple sources such as utility companies, municipalities, states, and non-profit organizations and can help offset the initial cost of installing energy-saving LED lighting. Taking advantage of these programs will save you money on initial project costs and all future electric bills. Whether you are installing lights in a new construction project or an existing facility, you may be eligible for rebates on LED replacements including replacement LED lamps (PAR, MR, A shaped standard bulbs), high bay fixtures, street and parking lot lights, troffers, LED panels, downlights, fluorescent tube replacements, and more!

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Product Eligibility

Rebates are available for lamps and fixtures that meet the high efficiency standards of certifications such as ENERGY STAR® and Design Lights Consortium (DLC), which have standards set in compliance with the US Environmental Protection Agency. Each utility company or rebate facilitator will have requirements the LEDs must meet to qualify for the rebate funds. Requirements could include a certain wattage, shape, warranty, or listing (DLC, Energy Star, etc.).

How much is the rebate on LEDs installed in businesses?

The rebate amount for an LED varies depending on the project's location, type of LED, and project type. The average amounts for rebates in 2024 issued in the US and Canada are:

  • LED Tube - $4
  • 2x4 Troffer - $33
  • Parking Garage Fixture - $94
  • HID Screw-in Bulbs / Corncobs - $53
  • Pole Lights - $98
  • Highbay Fixtures - $121

Please Note: Prescriptive rebates have requirements that the LED installation must meet in order to qualify for the rebate. Your utility provider may also provide custom rebate options reliant solely on the energy saved by your planned LED installation.

The Rebate Process

The process for claiming rebates can be arduous and time consuming. There are 12 steps in the rebate process:

Pre-Approval (4-5 Weeks)

Acquiring pre-approval from rebate programs can take 22 days, on average, in North America. Starting the process early means you're more likely to get the highest rebate available. It is best to seek approval during the planning stages of your LED installation project, before any LEDs are purchased, so you can get the best ones. The tasks you need to do for pre-approval are as follows:

  • Gather technical documents
  • Run energy savings calculations
  • Prepare and submit rebate paperwork
  • Schedule pre-inspection where required

Installation (8-13 Weeks)

Once you have completed the pre-approval process, all applicable rebate paperwork is submitted, and your pre-inspection is completed where necessary, you are able to move onto the installation phase of the rebate process. This part is straightforward where you install the product adhering to specific installation requirements and ensure project is completed within the stated timeline. If needed, extensions can be filed. Any changes to the program must be reported in a timely manner.

  • Notify program of any changes
  • Adhere to specific installation requirements where required
  • Ensure project is completed by deadline
  • File extension request if required

Final Rebate Submission (10-12 Weeks)

Now that product is installed per the plan, you will need to gather all invoices and documents required per each program and prepare and submit final rebate paperwork. Some places will require you to schedule a post-inspection to ensure it was completed to plan. Once everything is submitted and checks out, the rebate check will be issued.

  • Gather invoices and required documents
  • Prepare & submit final rebate paperwork
  • Schedule post-inspection where required
  • Ensure check is issued

Cost Caps

Some programs are capped at a certain percentage of the cost of the project, though the program may advertise an offer of a flat rate. Other programs might offer a "up to" a specific percentage of project cost back in rebate, but that can be limited by the payback timeframe of the project.

Important Note - These rebate programs typically have a specific amount of funds to work with and can run out with little to no notice. LED lighting installation must be planned and scheduled in time to allow for inspections and pre-approvals, which vary from one program to the next.

Information for this article was provided by BriteSwitch. BriteSwitch works hard to capture all eligible rebates and incentives available. They take care of the entire rebate process from analyzing and optimizing the rebate potential to making sure the final checks are issued. Visit them at briteswitch.com.