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UFO High Bays

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UFO High Bays offer several advantages for businesses including efficiency, longevity, brightness, versatility, durability, instant illumination, and being environmentally friendly.

LED UFO High Bay fixtures are designed to provide exceptional lighting solutions for a variety of commercial and industrial environments. Whether you're lighting warehouses, manufacturing facilities, gymnasiums, or retail spaces, our UFO High Bay fixtures offer unparalleled performance, energy efficiency, and durability to meet your lighting needs.

LED UFO High Bay fixtures have become a dominant choice for high-ceiling commercial and industrial spaces due to their numerous advantages:

Energy Efficiency

LED technology delivers significant energy savings compared to traditional lighting sources, helping businesses reduce operating costs while lowering their carbon footprint.

High Luminosity

With powerful LED chips and advanced optics, UFO High Bay fixtures provide bright, uniform illumination over large areas, ensuring optimal visibility and productivity in commercial and industrial settings.

Long Lifespan

LED UFO High Bay fixtures are built to last, with lifespans averaging 50,000 hours or more. This longevity minimizes maintenance requirements and ensures consistent performance over many years of use.

Instant On

Unlike traditional high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps that require warm-up time, LED UFO High Bay fixtures provide instant illumination, allowing for immediate light output without any flickering or delays.


Available in adjustable wattages and color temperatures, LED UFO High Bay fixtures offer flexibility to tailor the lighting solution to specific application requirements, whether it's achieving optimal light levels for task performance or creating a desired ambiance.

Lighting Larger Structures with LED UFO High Bays: Warehouses, Industrial Spaces, and Larger Garages and Shops

Large spaces require powerful, efficient, and even lighting that supports widespread illumination. UFO LED high bay lights provide bright lighting without taking up much ceiling space. LED lighting is more efficient than other lighting types, so you get more illumination from a UFO ceiling light made with LEDs than a similar-size traditional metal halide round high bay fixture while using less energy.

The efficiency of UFO LED lights helps to keep costs down, since energy usage is low compared to similar traditional lights, such as metal halide. LED lighting rebates can also help reduce the overall cost of lighting your industrial or commercial space. UFO ceiling lights are also designed to dissipate heat, with the aluminum housing acting as a heat sink, reducing heat buildup in your facility. In addition, most UFOs are IP65-rated, meaning they can be used in harsh environments where other light fixtures cannot be used.

LED Emergency Backup Drivers, Motion Sensors, and Other Accessories

We also offer LED Emergency Backup Drivers to go with your LED Fixture to provide emergency lighting in the event of primary power disruption. Shop a variety of wattages and output voltages to keep your LED fixtures running through an emergency. Shop LED Emergency Backup Drivers now!

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