UFO High Bays

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UFO High Bays

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UFO LED Lights

Illuminate larger commercial, industrial, or warehouse spaces efficiently with UFO LED lights. Choose from high bay lights by LumeGen, Euri Lighting, Sylvania and other manufacturers of industrial lighting.

Lighting Larger Structures

Large spaces require powerful, efficient, and even lighting that supports widespread illumination. UFO LED high bay lights provide bright lighting without taking up much ceiling space. LED lighting is more efficient than other lighting types, so you get more illumination from a UFO ceiling light made with LEDs than a similar-size traditional metal halide round high bay fixture while using less energy.

The efficiency of UFO LED lights helps to keep costs down, since energy usage is low compared to similar traditional lights, such as metal halide. LED lighting rebates can also help reduce the overall cost of lighting your industrial or commercial space. UFO ceiling lights are also designed to dissipate heat, with the aluminum housing acting as a heat sink, reducing heat buildup in your facility. In addition, most UFOs are IP65-rated, meaning they can be used in harsh environments where other light fixtures cannot be used.

Factors to Consider When Choosing UFO LED Lights

UFO Lighting is typically designed for high ceilings and contains features suitable for heights, such as high lumen output and a long, maintenance-free lifespan.

Some things to consider when choosing UFO ceiling lights include:


Because LED lights don't use as much energy as metal-halide lights, they operate at a lower wattage while delivering the same amount of light. The lumens per watt of an LED fixture are much higher than that of a metal halide bulb or fluorescent tube.

In general, the wattage should be higher as the ceiling height increases. Here is a general chart of some ceiling heights and corresponding wattage options:

• For a 12- to 20-foot ceiling, use 100 to 150-watt UFO lights

• For a 25-foot ceiling, use 200-watt UFO lights

• For a 30-foot ceiling, use 250-watt UFO lights

Color Temperature

The color temperature of UFO LED lights can affect the general feel of your facility and how accurately the colors of objects appear. The most common color temperature for LED lighting in commercial and industrial settings is 5000K, which is a cool white light (or daylight) that is blue-white in color and offers bright and crisp light that mimics natural outdoor light. For a more neutral feel, choose 4000K UFO lights, which give off a more balanced color tone that is not too blue (cool) and not too yellow (warm).

Location Factors

In some cases, the location of your fixtures may determine what features you need. UFO high bay light fixtures that are IP-65 wet location rated, suitable for wet environments or locations with exposure to the outdoors. In some facilities, you may want more control of the UFO light; search for 0-10V dimmable UFO fixtures or add-on motion sensors for more light control and energy savings. Mounting options, including chain mounts and hook mounts, let you easily install UFO high bay lights on your ceiling. Some UFOs have adjustable bracket mounts for flush mounting to a surface or pendant mount.

Some UFOs may need to be used in sensitive environments where food is processed or stored which requires the highest quality of product. NSF-certified UFOs are designed to reduce breakage and protect occupants from injury and prevent food from contamination.

LED Emergency Backup Drivers

We also offer LED Emergency Backup Drivers to go with your LED Fixture to provide emergency lighting in the event of primary power disruption. Shop a variety of wattages and output voltages to keep your LED fixtures running through an emergency. Shop LED Emergency Backup Drivers now!