8ft. LED Ready Strip Light Fixture | Lamp Sold Separately

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Case of 4 - 8ft. LED Ready Strip Light Fixture - 2 Lamp - Lamps Sold Separately - R17D - Keystone


Certified/Rated for Ul Listed Certified/Rated for Rohs Compliant Certified/Rated for Damp Location
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Replace Fluorescent Lights with Keystone LED Ready 8ft. Strip Light Fixtures and Make a Bright Choice for Your Warehouse or Other Commercial Applications

If you are looking to upgrade your commercial or industrial lighting system with energy-efficient LEDs, this is the fixture for you. This 8ft. LED Ready Strip Light Fixture from Keystone is designed to easily convert to LED lighting without the need for costly and labor-intensive retrofitting. The 2 LED lamps are sold separately, and this LED ready strip light fixture can be used for numerous applications as lighting for warehouses and for other general lighting purposes.

Product Dimensions - 96.71" L x 4.42" W x 2.10" H

This fixture is designed for use with Double Ended Wiring Type B DirectDrive LED T8 tubes of up to 54W per lamp. The fixture is rated for dry and damp locations. It is also UL Listed. However, for the UL certification to be valid, the lamp installed needs to be Keystone lamps. The fixture has a painted white steel body. This fixture also has several positives including being energy efficient and having a long lifespan when LED lamps are used and the bright light LED tubes emit help to increase safety within work areas.

Why Should I Choose LED Tubes over Fluorescent Tubes?

LED tubes provide many benefits over fluorescent tubes, including greater energy efficiency, a longer life, brighter light because LEDs have higher lumen output, and better light quality. LED tubes can also be more cost-effective in the long run due to their lower initial cost and significantly lower operating costs. LED tubes are also much more environmentally friendly than fluorescent tubes, as they do not contain any mercury or other hazardous materials.

LED lighting also emits bright lighting for better visibility to reduce the risk of accidents in workspaces. By choosing an LED ready strip light fixture, you can create a well-lit and safe environment.

Compatible T8 LED Lamps

This LED ready strip light fixture is designed for use with Keystone single ended wiring DirectDrive LED lamps from Keystone. Please note that for the UL safety certification to be valid on this fixture, only Keystone lamps may be installed in the fixture per the product label. When installing LED tubes, please note the following:

  • Type B LED T8 Tubes must be installed.
  • Sockets are pre-wired.
  • Designed for use with double ended wiring DirectDrive T8HO LED lamps.
  • Uses R17d sockets
  • The max wattage of each LED lamp is 54W per lamp.

FAQ - LED Ready Fixtures and Strip Light Fixtures

Q: What does "LED Ready" mean?

LED Ready is a term used to describe LED technology that is built into a fixture. LED Ready fixtures are designed to be compatible with LED light sources allowing the user to add LED bulbs or lamps of their choice. LED Ready fixtures also typically have a longer lifespan than traditional lighting fixtures.

Q: What are the benefits of LED Ready fixtures over traditional fixtures?

LED Ready strip light fixtures offer advantages over traditional fixtures. They are energy efficient and generate less heat. LED Ready fixtures are also more durable and longer lasting. They can be used with a variety of LED bulbs in various wattages and color temperatures making them easily customizable and LED bulbs have reduced maintenance costs than traditional lighting like fluorescents or metal halides.

Q: What is an LED strip light?

LED strip lights are long, narrow, and versatile lighting fixtures that are designed to provide a linear and even distribution of light. Their slim profile makes them a great lighting solution for numerous applications where bright light is needed.

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