Commercial Outdoor Wall or Perimeter Lighting

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Commercial Outdoor Wall or Perimeter Lighting

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Commercial outdoor wall or perimeter lighting is a very important part of any business' security. Exterior lighting means that the property is visible making for less of a chance that an intruder will break into the property. Numerous LED options are available including wall packs for entrances and exits, flood lights for pathway and parking lot lighting, and vapor tight lights for parking garages and wet locations.

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Wall Lights, Dusk to Dawn Lights, Solar Lights: The Possibilities are Endless - Find the Perfect LED Light Fixture for Your Business

There are numerous LED lighting fixtures that work well for outdoor wall or perimeter lighting. Read on below for various fixtures.

Wall Packs

As their name suggests, wall packs are typically mounted to a wall. Wall packs are used to illuminate buildings, walkways, and parking lots. They are usually installed near entrances and exits to ensure safe passage when arriving and leaving a building. Wall packs offer bright light, and many are equipped with a photocell to make it dusk-to-dawn for safety and security.

Wall packs are available in numerous styles including tall wall packs, traditional or classic wall pack designs, full cut-off, half and semi cut-off, and slim profile designs like mini wall packs. LED wall packs boast many benefits over the old HID styles that use bulbs like metal halides, mercury vapor, or high-pressure sodium. LED wall packs maintain their light consistency and do not yellow over the course of their lifespan. LEDs are also instant on and flicker-free. No more waiting for the light to warm up! What are you waiting for? Upgrade those old HID styles now with LEDs outside of your office buildings for less maintenance with their longer lifespan and provide better security and aesthetics.

Security Lights

Security lights are used for numerous outdoor applications from residential to commercial. Outdoor lighting needs for both applications require security and safety. There is motion activated security lights as well as security lights that are solar powered. LED security lighting also comes in a variety of styles that can make them not only functional but decorative.

Vapor Tight Lights

Vapor tight lights are most commonly seen in parking garages and gas stations along with canopy lights. They are also used in industrial settings because the fixtures can withstand the elements. LED vapor tight lights work well installed as perimeter lighting for a building with an overhang where the lights may be exposed to direct contact with rain, snow, and other weather. LED vapor tight lights are also resistant to corrosion and rust because of their strong housings. Another common application for vapor tight lights includes exposed stairwells.

Flood Lights

Flood lights are used to illuminate large areas like parking lots. Flood lighting is also seen in sports fields and stadiums. There are so many LED flood lights options now that have selectable wattage or lumen output as well as adjustable color temperature options.

Benefits of Exterior Lighting and Building Lights

Exterior lighting can provide a range of benefits for commercial properties. From increasing security to enhancing the appearance of the building, outdoor lighting can have a positive impact on a business. By lighting up the business effectively, the business is more visible making it appear more credible and professional. In addition, exterior lighting can help businesses save money on their energy bills by using more efficient lighting fixtures like LEDs. Additionally, exterior lighting can help to create a safe and inviting atmosphere for customers, staff, and visitors.

What is the best lighting for the outside of a retail store or space?

The best lighting for the outside of a retail store or space is best determined by what the goal of the lighting is and where the lighting is needed. If lighting is needed near entrances and exits, a wall pack is a great option. LEDs are always the best option because they are instant on, flicker free, and have high color accuracy. Dusk to Dawn lighting or motion-activated is another type of lighting that should be considered.

The needs of the particular property should also be considered. If a property is located in a rural area, a bright light will be necessary for visibility when it is dark out. But, if the business is located in an urban area that is already well-lit, a softer light would work better because there is already an abundance of bright light for security and safety purposes.

What kind of lighting is most commonly used for the exteriors of commercial buildings?

LED lighting is most commonly used for the exteriors of commercial buildings. It requires minimal maintenance and there are numerous fixtures to choose from including decorative, functional security or wall pack fixtures. These lights can provide bright, even lighting as well as safety and security.

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