Gas Station and Outdoor Canopy Lights

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Gas Station and Outdoor Canopy Lights

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Canopy lights are often referred to as gas station lights because they are most commonly used in those locations. Vapor tight light fixtures are also used for gas stations and other outdoor applications. Both of these light fixtures also work well for parking garages, stairwells, and even car washes because many of these fixtures are wet location rated.

The Importance of Gas Station, Parking Garage, and Outdoor Commercial LED Lighting

Gas station, parking garage, and outdoor commercial lighting are essential for providing safety and security in these areas. Proper lighting helps customers feel safe and secure when visiting these locations, and can even help reduce the risk of criminal activity. Canopy lights are a great option for providing proper lighting for gas stations, parking garages, and outdoor commercial spaces.

Using LED canopy lights and other LED lighting help provide safe environments because of their reliable performance. They are the perfect option for your lighting needs because they are energy efficient and require less maintenance than fluorescent, metal halide, or halogen lighting. LEDs also provide bright, even lighting with high lumen output. There is numerous wattage adjustable and color tunable options to provide the right amount of brightness in the color temperature preferred.

What are canopy lights used for?

Canopy lights are used for safety and security purposes primarily. They help light up areas that need bright light including parking garages and gas stations where there is not only vehicle traffic but pedestrian traffic. Canopy lights are also used for loading docks because most canopies are suitable for damp or wet locations.

Canopy lights are available in both square and round shapes. They are also available in slimmer profiles for applications that may require smaller canopy lights.

What is a vapor tight light fixture?

LED Vapor Tight (also known as Vapor-Proof) light fixtures are designed to be protected from dust, moisture, or gases. Vapor tight lights have strong housings that stand up to the elements and resist corrosion and rust. The light sources are completely sealed with gaskets to prevent any moisture or gases from entering the fixture. They replace traditional fluorescent or incandescent vapor tight fixtures and eliminate the need to replace burnt out bulbs with their integrated LEDs which are rated to last at least 50,000 hours and in many cases much longer!

What lighting is required for gas stations?

Lighting that has a durable housing like canopy lights or vapor tight lights are required for gas stations. Fixtures that can handle direct contact with water are also a must for gas stations as the elements are usually at play.

Wet rated means that the LED fixture be installed in an indoor or outdoor location where water may drip, splash, or flow into the electrical components of the light. When a fixture like a LED canopy light is rated for wet environments, it is perfect for gas stations where the weather would not affect the canopy light's ability for the reliable performance that is required of it to provide bright light for safety and security.