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Illuminate your space with our wide range of LED strip lights. Whether you're looking to add energy efficient lighting to your commercial or residential property, our LED strip lights offer the perfect solution. Shop our selection and discover why LED strip lights have become a favorite choice for both residential and commercial lighting.

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Replace Fluorescents with LED Strip Lighting for Energy Savings - An Excellent Choice for Garages, Shops, and other Commercial and Residential Applications

Versatility, Energy Efficiency, and Numerous Color Temperature Options

LED strip lights are an incredibly versatile fixture. LED strip lights can be used for commercial and residential applications including garages, offices, and other businesses. From accentuating architectural features to adding dynamic effects, the possibilities are endless. LED technology is renowned for its energy efficiency. Our strip lights consume significantly less power using less wattage than traditional fluorescent lighting fixtures, helping you reduce your energy bills. With numerous color selectable LED strip lights, you can choose the temperature that best fits the mood and purpose of the space.

Shop Our 4ft. Strip Lighting Fixtures

4ft LED linear strip lights stand out as the most common and preferred choice for a multitude of applications. These versatile fixtures are adaptable and efficient for numerous spaces. The 4-foot length of LED strip lights offers enough coverage for many applications for kitchens, hallways, and offices. They also provide uniform illumination and there are different finishes available to elevate the aesthetics of the space.

What is the difference between an LED tape light and strip light?

The terms "LED tape light" and "LED strip light" are often used interchangeably, and in many cases, they refer to the same or very similar products. However, there are some key differences in these fixtures.

Flexibility, Applications, and Installation

LED Tape Lights have LED lights that are on a flexible tape or ribbon and are more commonly used as accent lighting. LED Strip Light is a pretty general term that is used to commonly describe a linear light fixture that is suitable for both commercial and residential applications for general lighting. Installation of LED tape lighting is most commonly associated with being an easy project that can be done by anyone. LED strip lighting though will most likely require the skills of an electrician to verify that the light is installed properly and to code. Your lighting needs and application will determine whether you need an LED tape light or a strip light.

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