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LumeGen LED Area Lights

LumeGen LED Area Lights

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LED Area Lights | LED Parking Lot Lights

LED Area lights, also known as Parking Lot Lights, are an energy-efficient replacement for traditional metal halide (HID) lights.

Why choose an LED Area Light or LED Parking Lot Light?

LED Parking Lot Lights are ideal for illuminating large outdoor areas such as parking lots, airports, schools, universities, warehouses, community parks, and more! LED Parking Lot lights offer a sense of security to the users of outdoor spaces by providing bright light during the dark night.

LED parking lot lights provide a large amount of light while reducing the energy cost and maintenance cost. Many LED parking lot lights stay bright up to 100,000 hours - compare that to having to replace an HID bulb every 6000-15,000 operational hours. Running 12 hours a day, that's over 22 years of light! Compare that with just over 3 years of light for an HID bulb before having to replace it, at best. Another advantage of LED parking lot lights over HID is the consistency of the light color over it's lifespan; HID systems fade quickly and turn yellow over time while LED parking lot lights maintain their color temperature for the life of the fixture.

Mounting Options for LED Area Lights or LED Parking Lot Lights

There are many ways to mount LED parking lot lights that you can find on! We offer slipfitter mounts, wall mounts, pole mounts, and trunnion mounts giving you multiple solutions for installation.

Slipfitter mounts (sold separately) give more control and flexibility over the installation and light distribution by offering a wide range of angles the light can be installed (compared to a stationary arm).

Add-on Accessories for LED Area Lights or LED Parking Lot Lights offers photocells that can be added to the LED parking lot light. Photocells sense the sunlight and turn the light on from dusk to dawn and saves you even more in energy! It is important to note the voltage of the light and the photocell before purchasing to ensure compatibility.

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