Parking Lots, Parking Garages & Roadway Lights

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Parking Lots, Parking Garages & Roadway Lights

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Lighting plays an important role in providing safety and security in parking lots, parking garages and roadways. Proper lighting helps to create an environment of security and safety, which can reduce the instances of crime. It can also help to improve visibility and make it easier for drivers to see what is ahead of them. Lighting also increases the safety of pedestrians in areas where there is vehicular traffic. Proper lighting can help to reduce the risk of accidents by making objects and people visible to drivers. Additionally, lighting can help to reduce glare and enhance visibility, which can reduce the chances of drivers being distracted or having difficulty seeing. Lighting can also be used to create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere, which can help to make people feel more comfortable and secure when using a parking lot or garage.

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Ditch the Metal Halide Lamps for LED Area Light Fixtures for Security and Safety

If you're looking to upgrade your parking lot lighting, LED area lights are the way to go. LED lighting offers many advantages over traditional HID lights and metal halide lamps, including using less energy, having improved visibility, and longer lifetimes. LED area light fixtures are up to 80% more energy efficient than metal halide lamps, which can reduce energy costs substantially. LED fixtures also require less maintenance, with a long lifespan and a low failure rate. LED area light fixtures also provide improved safety and security, with higher quality illumination and better visibility for drivers and pedestrians. Finally, LED area light fixtures are more aesthetically pleasing than metal halide lamps, as they create a more uniform and even lighting, which can improve the overall look of the parking lot.

Many LED area lights are also high lumen output fixtures that provide instant on, flicker free low maintenance. That is something that cannot be said about its HID predecessors like mercury vapor lights.

How many lumens should I choose for parking lot light fixtures?

Several factors should be considered when choosing a parking lot light fixture. The number of lumens that are needed for parking lot fixture should be determined by figuring out how large the area is that needs to be lit. The number of fixtures required to provide bright illumination over the entire parking lot should also be taken into consideration.

What are parking lot lights called?

Parking lot lights are most commonly referred to as area lights. But parking lot lights may also be referred to as flood lights or security lights. Parking lot lights are most commonly used for commercial purposes like car dealerships and other businesses.

Are there different types of outdoor LED area lights? Like solar or dusk to dawn?

Yes, there are different types of LED area lights. Solar options are available as well as dusk to dawn for outdoor area lights. Solar lights require the area light to be installed in a sunny location that will allow the light to get enough charge for dusk to dawn operation. LED parking lot lights may also come equipped with a photocell (or photo control) or one that can be purchased and installed. Photocells make the fixture dusk to dawn operation because the fixture will turn on when minimal to no light is sensed and turn off when enough ambient surrounding light is sensed.

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