E12 Candelabra to E26 Medium Socket Adapter

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E12 Candelabra to E26 Medium Socket Adapter


LG-AD-E26-E12-INDV | LG-AD-E26-E12-BG


This socket adapter allows you to use an E12 Candelabra bulb in a fixture that has a E26 Medium base.

What is a socket adapter?

A socket adapter is a simple, yet incredibly versatile device designed to modify or expand the functionality of a standard light socket. These adapters are also sometimes called socket extenders or lamp holder adapters. Socket adapters are used when a different base type bulb than what the original socket supports. Socket adapters are a convenient way to use a specific type of light bulb within a light fixture that would not be compatible without the socket adapter.

Light socket adapters come in various designs to cater to different requirements. Some adapters may change the socket size, allowing the use of bulbs with larger or smaller bases. Others may convert the socket from one base type to another.

These devices are beneficial in a number of situations like upgrading to energy-efficient LED bulbs, using specialty bulbs, or adapting fixtures that have non-standard sockets. Light socket adapters are user-friendly and do not require special tools for installation. Installation is very simple! All that is required to do is to screw the adapter into the existing socket and it transforms it to accept the desired bulb. This flexibility makes light socket adapters an invaluable tool for customizing lighting fixtures to meet specific preferences or accommodate the latest advancements in lighting technology.

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LG-AD-E26-E12-INDV | LG-AD-E26-E12-BG
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