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Six Uses for Battery Operated Motion Sensor Lights

Six Uses for Battery Operated Motion Sensor Lights

Posted by Danielle Sherrer on May 23rd 2023

Sometimes there is not electrical wiring available to install a fixture. That is where battery operated lights come into play! Battery operated motion sensor lights are even better because they give off bright lights for areas that require additional lighting. The motion sensor ensures that the light is not always on. It is a way to preserve energy when the light does not need to be on. Read on for six areas around in and around your home you can install battery operated motion sensor lights.

1. Indoor Application: In the Kitchen

Motion under cabinet lights in kitchen

Wireless motion sensor lights work excellent in the kitchen. They can be used as undercabinet lights for kitchens that do not have the space for traditional undercabinet lighting or even tape lighting that could require multiple outlets being used. Battery powered motion lights work well when grabbing a midnight snack or easily grabbing anything else on the counter without having to turn on the overhead light. Other applications within the kitchen that are great are for under the sink to reach cleaning supplies or other items stored in that location.

2. Outside Application: Along Pathways as Path Lights

Outdoor motion sensor pathway lighting

There are so many different types of solar lights. Solar lights that are battery powered and motion activated that can be used as path lights along a walkway or pathway. These lights are easy to install and an easy way to provide security for your property.

3. Motion Lighting: In the Closet and Pantries

Mini battery lights in closet

Motion lighting within closets and pantries is easy to install and lights up those traditionally dark areas well. Battery operated motion sensor lights are a great way to add convenience and safety to any closet or pantry. These lights turn on automatically when motion is detected, ensuring that you don't have to fumble around in the dark trying to find the light switch. They are also energy efficient, since the lights turn off automatically when there is no motion detected meaning they will last for a long time with minimal maintenance required.

4. Motion Sensing: In Hallways for the Middle of the Night

Motion sensor lights in hallway

Battery operated motion sensor lights can be a great addition to hallways and other areas that may require additional lighting in the middle of the night. They are designed to detect motion in a certain area and turn on the light automatically when motion is detected. This can help save energy, as the lights will only be on when needed. It does not require an overhead light to be turned on in order to light the way to a bathroom or child's room.

5. Motion Activated: Over the Basement Stairs

Battery light over basement stairs

Battery operated motion sensor lights are an ideal solution for lighting the stairs leading to a basement. Motion activated, these lights can activate when someone is coming down the stairs and turn off shortly after they have passed. This helps to keep the stairs well-lit and safe at all times especially when your hands are full as well.

6. Exterior Application: As Outdoor Floodlights for Security

Outdoor spotlight

There is not always electrical wiring available for additional security lights around your home. A battery-operated motion sensor light is a great way to light up large or small areas that hardwired fixtures miss on the perimeter of your home. Battery-operated LED security lights are also available as solar lights that are powered by the sun. Add motion activation on top of being already a battery-operated and solar light and you have the ultimate LED security light to help provide security.

There are many uses for battery operated motion sensor lights in and around your home. They are easy to install, low cost, and provide huge value for not only their usefulness but the lumen output they produce.

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