LED Troffers | Easy Drop Ceiling Installation

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LED Troffers

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Choose from a variety of sizes to fit your specific lighting needs:

2x4 Troffers: Ideal for large spaces such as offices, classrooms, and healthcare facilities, providing ample illumination and uniform light distribution.

2x2 Troffers: Perfect for smaller areas or grid ceilings, such as conference rooms, retail stores, and corridors, offering efficient lighting solutions with a modern design.

1x4 Troffers: Designed for narrow spaces or accent lighting applications, including hallways, retail displays, and task lighting areas, delivering uniform illumination while maximizing energy efficiency.

Troffer Retrofit Kits: A lighting solution designed to convert and upgrade existing fluorescent troffer fixtures into energy-efficient LED fixtures without the need for complete fixture replacement.

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Advantages of LED Troffers

Energy Efficiency

LED troffers consume significantly less energy than fluorescent fixtures, offering immediate cost savings on electricity bills while reducing carbon footprint.

Long Lifespan

With a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours or more, LED troffers outlast fluorescent fixtures, minimizing replacement and maintenance costs over time.

Uniform Illumination

LED troffers provide consistent and flicker-free illumination, enhancing visibility and productivity in commercial and industrial settings.

Customizable Options

LED troffers come in various color temperatures and dimming options, allowing for tailored lighting solutions to suit different tasks or preferences.

Troffers vs. LED Flat Panels

While both troffers and LED flat panels offer efficient lighting solutions, they have distinct differences. Troffers are recessed lighting fixtures installed into drop ceilings, providing a seamless and integrated look. They are versatile and suitable for various commercial and industrial applications. Flat panels are surface-mounted or suspended fixtures that offer a modern and sleek design. They are often preferred for their versatility in installation and can be used in both drop ceilings and surface-mounted applications.

LED Troffer Installation Examples

Office Settings, Retail Stores, and Healthcare Facilities

Install LED troffers in office spaces for bright and uniform illumination, enhancing productivity and creating a comfortable work environment in office settings. Use LED troffers in a retail store to highlight merchandise and create an inviting atmosphere for customers. Incorporate troffers in healthcare facilities for efficient and glare-free lighting in corridors and patient rooms, promoting a calming and healing environment.