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LED Troffer Lights

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Shop LED Troffers from Lightup.com! We offer a wide selection of energy efficient and cost saving LED troffers from top brands like LumeGen, Euri Lighting, Sylvania, and Beyond LED Technology. Many of the LED Troffers we offer are DLC rated, offering the opportunity to gain additional utility-funded rebates. Learn more about rebates on our Utility Rebate Information Page.

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What is a Troffer Light fixture?

Troffer fixtures are recessed lighting fixtures that are commonly used in many commercial applications. Troffer fixtures easily install into a drop ceiling grid or can be suspended. Troffers evenly distribute light and provide glare-free lighting to reduce eye strain. They come in multiple sizes that fit perfectly into common grid ceiling configurations. They are great for schools, offices, hospitals, and retail space.

Advantages of LED Troffers

LED troffers are made to replace old fluorescent troffers with a low maintenance, more energy-efficient and longer-lasting LED troffer. These troffers are recessed into the ceiling, and provide more lumens with less wattage required, saving you money without having to sacrifice light output. The LEDs are integrated into the fixture so no more need to change bulbs requiring less maintenance! Lightup.com offers multiple common sizes such as 2x2 and 2x4 LED troffers for your lighting needs. New to the LED Troffers family areTroffer Retrofit Kits, which fit into your existing fluorescent troffer and produce beautiful lighting without all the wires and hassle. Troffers are also compatible with 0-10 volt dimmers and accessories.

DesignLights Consortium (DLC) Ratings

Look for additional energy savings by finding DLC and DLC Premium-rated fixtures. DLC-rated fixtures are high-quality, energy-efficient lighting fixtures. Some DLC-rated fixtures may also qualify for state or local rebates. OurLED rebates finder is also a great tool for finding rebates in your area!

Adjustable Wattage and Tunable Color Temperature

These light fixtures provide multiple solutions in one package. Perfect for contractors with many jobs coming up, these fixtures have controls that allow the user to select the wattage (affects lumen output) and/or Color Temperature. These fixtures have switches located on the drivers to select from multiple wattage options or color temperature options to suit any client's or room's lighting need. Just note, once the fixture is installed, you will need to unmount the fixture in order to access the switches to adjust color temperature or wattage.

Reduced Maintenance Cost

LED troffers use integrated LED chips meaning that there are no tubes to change! EVER! The LEDs are rated to last at least operational 50,000 hours which is several years of low-maintenance use! You will still have to clean the surface of dust or debris and maybe clean out the lens of dead bugs every so often, but no more replacing fluorescent tubes or worrying about how to dispose of them properly!

Common Questions for Recessed Troffer Fixtures

What is the difference between a troffer and a panel?

LED Panel lights and LED Troffers are used in very similar applications. The main difference between the two fixtures is the physical appearance of the two - LED panels utilize a flat, smooth lens to distribute the light out while LED Troffers typically have a smaller lens that buldges out from the center of the troffer with reflective edges to help reflect light down.  Another difference is the depth of the fixtures. LED panels are typically thinner than LED troffers and could be an advantage for areas with a small ceiling plenum. 

Where are troffer lights used?

Troffer lights are most commonly used in T-bar ceilings or drop ceilings in commercial settings such as offices, schools, hospitals, or hotels. Troffers also can be used in residential applications, typically a basement or room with a drop ceiling.

How to install troffer lights in drywall?

It's generally not advised to install a troffer in drywall as there are other, easier solutions to use instead. Flange kits or surface mount kits may be available from certain brands of troffers to help install a troffer on drywall. A better solution for drywall would be LED Panels. LED Panels are thinner fixtures and most brands have surface mount kits available for installing flush onto drywall.

What about Emergency Drivers for LED troffers?

Constant-power emergency drivers with 90-minute run time are available to add on to your LED panels or Troffers to increase fire safety and comply with local fire safety codes. Check out our selection of LED emergency drivers.

New to LED lighting terminology? Check out our Glossary of Terms or Benefits of Switching to LED