LED Horizontal HID High Bay Lamp | Wattage Adjustable & Color Tunable

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LED Wattage Adjustable & Color Tunable Horizontal HID High Bay Lamp - EX39 Mogul Base - 54W/63W/80W - 3000K/4000K/5000K - Keystone

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LED Wattage Adjustable & Color Tunable Horizontal HID High Bay Lamp - EX39 Mogul Base - 54W/63W/80W - 3000K/4000K/5000K - Keystone

Certified/Rated for Rohs Compliant Certified/Rated for Dlc Listed Certified/Rated for Ul Listed


Update Metal Halide Bulbs & Light Fixtures with A Horizontal HID LED High Bay Lamp

This LED lamp is the perfect replacement for conventional metal halide lamps and is optimized for use in horizontal applications, such as wall pack retrofits. It is environmentally friendly, as no mercury is used, and instant startup makes it a great choice. An integral driver eliminates the need for an external driver or legacy ballast and includes 4kV surge protection. The lamp is non-dimmable and not for use with standard dimmers, and it has a long 50,000+ hour lifetime. It has a wide operating temperature range of -22°F/-30°C to 113°F/45°C and is suitable for use in enclosed fixtures with minimum lamp compartment dimensions of 8” x 8” x 8.7”. The lamp is UL listed, RoHS Compliant, and IP64 rated, with an integrated heat sink that quickly dissipates heat and guides water intrusion out of the lamp.

Great Choice for Both Indoor and Outdoor Warehouse Lighting including Canopy Lights, Shoebox Fixtures, UFO High Bays, and Linear High Bays

This horizontal lamp from Keystone is an energy efficient option for replacing existing metal halide canopy and parking lot light fixtures. They provide safety for people in large areas like parking lots without consuming large amounts of energy like metal halide fixtures. Horizontal lamps are also perfect for high bay fixtures in a manufacturing facility or various industrial applications, providing an economical way to upgrade lighting and energy efficiency.

Keystone's Power Select and Color Select technology allows an easy switch between multiple power outputs and color temperatures with ease to provide the wattage and color temperature required for the application. Those choices including the ability to retrofit an existing fixture can make it an almost brand-new LED high bay light.

This high bay lamp is also equipped with Keystone's Xpander technology. This means that it is specifically designed for shoebox and wall pack light fixtures that may be harder to fit the bulb within. The sides of the lamp are adjustable and can be swung out to focus the light in one direction.


  • Wattage Adjustable and Color Tunable:
    • 54W:
      • 3000K: 7,505 Lumens (139 Lumens/Watt)
      • 4000K: 8,045 Lumens (149 Lumens/Watt)
      • 5000K: 7,775 Lumens (144 Lumens/Watt)
    • 63W:
      • 3000K: 8,630 Lumens (137 Lumens/Watt)
      • 4000K: 9,260 Lumens (147 Lumens/Watt)
      • 5000K: 8,945 Lumens (142 Lumens/Watt)
    • 80W:
      • 3000K: 10,800 Lumens (135 Lumens/Watt)
      • 4000K: 11,600 Lumens (145 Lumens/Watt)
      • 5000K: 11,200 Lumens (140 Lumens/Watt)
  • Equivalent to 320W Metal Halide Lamp
  • EX39 (Mogul) Base Type
  • >80 CRI
  • 120-277V Input Voltage

Product Dimensions: 8.58" L x 8.98" W (when fully expanded) x 4.83" Dia.

Wiring Instructions: The specification sheet of this product also includes instructions for wiring. Images are also provided for a visual aid. There are three simple steps that include the below:

  1. The power needs to be disconnected. Then, disconnect and remove the existing ballast, capacitor, and/or ignitor from the current fixture.
  2. Rewire for line voltage to the lamp socket. This lamp is compatible with 120-277V from single phase, three phase wye, and three phase delta systems.
  3. The LED replacement lamp can be installed. When the power is turned on make sure that the lamp is operating correctly.

What is high bay lighting? What are the benefits of high bay lighting?

High bay lighting is a type of lighting that is typically used in large spaces with high ceilings, such as warehouses and factories. The main benefit of high bay lighting is that it provides a brighter, more consistent light level than regular fluorescent or incandescent lighting, which makes it easier to work in and more energy efficient.

What are LED high bay lights used for?

LED high bay lights are typically used in commercial and industrial settings, such as warehouses, factories, and other large spaces with high ceilings. LED lights are ideal for these settings, as they are much more energy efficient than traditional fluorescent and incandescent lights, and also provide better illumination. Additionally, LED high bay lights and LED high bay light fixtures have a much longer lifespan than traditional lighting, meaning they require less maintenance and can save money in the long run.

How can you dim LED high bay lights?

This horizontal HID lamp from Keystone is non-dimmable and is not for use with standard dimmers.

This HID LED high bay lamp is DLC Standard V5.1 listed and may qualify for energy-saving rebates! Learn more about LED Lighting Rebates or check out our FREE Rebate Assistant tool to help you find rebates in your area and start saving money on your next lighting project!

Extra Information

Case Qty:
Country Of Origin:
ledlhid1000051508-spec|pdf|Specification Sheet
Color Temp / CCT:
Color Tunable 3000K/4000K/5000K
Life Hours:
50,000 Hours
Light Source:
Lumens Range:
5,000 - 10,000 Lumens
Operating Temp - Low:
-30C / -22F
Operating Temp - High:
45C / 113F
Watt Equivalent:
320 Watt
5 Year
Color Tunable 3000K/4000K/5000K
Instant On
Long Life Span
Mercury Free
Wattage & CCT Adjustable
Recommended Uses:
Recommended Uses:
Recommended Uses:
Lamp Base Type:
Wattage Adjustable 54W/63W/80W
Ratings and Certifications:
DLC Listed
Ratings and Certifications:
RoHS Compliant
Ratings and Certifications:
UL Listed
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