Solar LED Flagtop Pole Light | IP65

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Solar LED Tri-Head Flagtop Pole Light - 32 LEDs - Color Tunable - LumeGen

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Solar LED Tri-Head Flagtop Pole Light - 32 LEDs - Color Tunable - LumeGen

Certified/Rated for Wet Location


Illuminate your flag with this LumeGen Solar LED Tri-Head Flagtop Pole Light. Designed to be easily mounted on your flagpole, this light uses the power of the sun to provide long-lasting illumination. With an impressive IP65 rating, it ensures your flag is visible from dusk till dawn even in wet conditions! Experience the best shine for your flags with this remarkable solar light.

The Tri-Head Flagtop Pole Light converts sunlight into energy to power this light at night without the need for electrical wiring! Ensure total illumination in 360-degrees around the flagpole with a circular array of down-facing LEDs so whichever way the winds blowing, your flag will be illuminated! This LED light charges during the day allowing the light up to 12 hours of runtime at night with a max output of 200 lumens. Installation is a breeze at the top of your flagpole and is adjustable to direct the light where needed.

Installs at top of flag pole/p>

Additional specifications of this solar flagtop pole light are below. More information can be found on the Specification Sheet and the Instruction Manual.

Product Features

  • Recommended Flag Size:: Small 3' x 5' or smaller
  • Recommended Pole Height: Up to 25'
  • Color Temperature:3 Settings (Warm White, Bright White, Cool White)
  • Solar Panel: Mono-crystalline silicone
  • Solar Panel Power: 5.5V, 1.2W x 3
  • Brightness: 200 Lumens per head
  • Housing Construction:ABS
  • IP Rating: IP65 wet rated
  • LEDs:32pcs x 0.5W LEDs
  • LED Life Hours:100,000 hours
  • Battery: Lithium 3.7V/1200mAh
  • Charging Time:Up to 12 hours
  • Run Time:10-12 Hours
  • Color Rending Index (CRI):>70
  • Discharging Temperature:-4°F ~ 122°F (-20°C ~ 50°C)
  • Sensors:Photocell sensor
  • Warranty:1 year for fixture

It is important to install this light in an area where it gets enough sunshine to charge properly!

Longevity and Efficiency of Solar LED Flag Lights - How long do solar LED flag lights last?

Solar LED flag lights are both efficient and last for thousands of hours. This LumeGen solar LED flagtop pole light is rated to last 100,000 hours and is an efficient way to light up your flag using free energy from the sun! This efficient use of solar energy not only extends the longevity of the light but also contributes to its cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness.

The efficiency of solar LED flag lights can also be influenced by factors such as:

  • Placement: The light should be installed in an area with ample sunlight.
  • Weather conditions: Solar lights perform best in sunny climates.
  • Maintenance: Regular cleaning and battery replacement can enhance efficiency and lifespan.

Why IP65 is ideal for outdoor and flagpole lighting?

IP65 is considered ideal for outdoor lighting, particularly solar LED flagtop pole lights, due to its protection against environmental factors. The IP65 rating signifies that the light is dust-tight and protected against water projected from a nozzle. This water and dust resistance make it highly suitable for outdoor settings where the lights are exposed to various weather conditions, from rain to winds carrying dust and debris.

IP65-rated lights can withstand various weather conditions without experiencing a decline in performance or lifespan. For flag lighting, this is incredibly important because flags require reliable and long-term illumination.

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Extra Information

Country Of Origin:
lumegen-warranty|pdf|LumeGen Warranty
Life Hours:
100,000 Hours
Light Source:
Lumens Range:
Less than 800 Lumens
Operating Temp - Low:
-20C / -4F
Operating Temp - High:
50C / 122F
1 Year
Ratings and Certifications:
Wet Location
Ratings and Certifications:
Wet Location Rated
Recommended Uses:
ledsolr1000051817-spec-f|pdf|Specification Sheet
Right Overlay Image:
Price Drop.png
200 Lumens per Head Max
Lowest Bulk Price:
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