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Shop our large selection of LED high bay lights from round UFOs to linear high bays! Whether you need to illuminate a large open space or aisles in a warehouse, we will have a high bay to properly illuminate any space with a ceiling higher than 12 feet. Our LED high bays are energy efficient, require no replacement bulbs, and easy to install. We offer wholesale pricing for qualifying orders, click here to see if you qualify for wholesale pricing!

LED high bay lights are an energy-efficient replacement for traditional high-pressure sodium and metal halide high bay lights (HPS and HID lamps). LEDs use less Watts to emit the same level of lumens (light) as a higher Watt HPS or HID lamp, making LED high bay lights a more efficient way to illuminate large areas.

The majority of these high bay lights are rated for use in damp and outdoor locations in addition to use indoors. Ideal for use in post tops, warehouses, and other areas with high ceilings.

New to LED lighting terminology? Check out our Glossary of Terms

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