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Whether you need to illuminate a large open space or aisles in a warehouse, we will have a high bay to properly illuminate any space with a ceiling higher than 12 feet.

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LED High Bays are illumination meeting efficiency your industrial or commercial needs. LED Linear High Bays and UFO High Bay lights are available. Dive into the differences between LED Linear High Bays and UFO High Bays, and explore installation examples to guide your decision-making process.

LED Linear High Bays

LED Linear High Bays offer a sleek and versatile lighting solution suitable for various applications. These fixtures feature a rectangular shape and are ideal for lighting large areas with high ceilings, such as warehouses, factories, and gymnasiums. The linear design provides uniform illumination across the space, minimizing shadows and enhancing visibility. Installation examples include:

Warehouse Lighting

Illuminate aisles and storage areas in warehouses with LED Linear High Bays, ensuring optimal visibility for inventory management and employee safety

Manufacturing Facilities

Brighten production floors and assembly lines with LED Linear High Bays, providing efficient lighting for precision work and quality control.

UFO High Bays

UFO High Bays, named for their resemblance to flying saucers, offer a compact and powerful lighting solution suitable for high-ceiling environments. These fixtures feature a round, disk-shaped design and are perfect for spaces with limited installation space or aesthetic preferences. UFO High Bays deliver bright and uniform illumination, making them ideal for industrial, commercial, and retail applications. Installation examples include:

Retail Stores

Illuminate retail spaces with UFO High Bays, providing bright and inviting lighting to showcase merchandise and enhance the shopping experience.


Illuminate gymnasiums and indoor sports facilities with UFO High Bays, ensuring optimal visibility for athletes and spectators during events and activities.