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LumeGen LED High Bays

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LumeGen High Bay LED Lighting

Illuminate large commercial spaces with energy-efficient LED high bay lighting. Choose from a range of quality high bay fixtures from Lumegen.

What's the Difference Between Low Bay and High Bay LED Lighting?

There are two types of bay lights — low and high — which are used for different purposes. In both categories, LED bay lights are becoming more popular than traditional Metal Halide or High-Pressure Sodium lamps thanks to improved energy efficiency and longevity.

Low Bay LED Lighting

Low bay LED lights are designed to be used in spaces with a ceiling height of 12 to 20 feet, such as homes, smaller retail units and public buildings. Because they're installed lower to the ground, they require fewer lumens than high bay lights and have a diffuser to create a natural effect.

High Bay LED Lighting

High bay LED lighting is designed to be used in large spaces with a ceiling between 20 and 45 feet above the ground such as warehouses, retail locations or gyms. Industrial high bay LED lights are more powerful than low bay lights and utilize lens angles to ensure light is evenly distributed without glare.

How Many High Bay LED Lights Do You Need?

Ceiling height is the most important factor to consider when designing a lighting layout using high bay lights. For higher ceilings, more lumens (the amount of visible light) are required. The intensity of the light required in an area influences the spacing of the lights.

What Are the Best High Bay LED Lights?

There are two kinds of high bay fixtures that are suitable for different purposes.

Round/UFO High Bay

The traditional shape for high bay lights, round or UFO high bay fixtures require only one contact point with the ceiling, making them the easiest to install. They typically provide a circular light beam of around 120 degrees and can be used in wet or dusty areas, such as industrial laundries.

Linear High Bay

Linear high bay lights cast a rectangular beam of light rather than a round one, making them a good choice for large open spaces, or locations with shelving, such as warehouses or workshops. They can be mounted directly to the ceiling or hung by chains or cables.

Many high bay lights are also dimmable. Dimmable high bay lights are useful for areas with lighting requirements that change and are helpful for reducing energy consumption and extending the life of lighting fixtures.

Motion Sensors and Remote Controls

Many high bay lights have additional accessories that can help control the lighting and save even more energy. Add-on motions sensors are available for most UFO and Linear High Bay lights allowing the light to automatically switch on or off when motion is detected saving even more energy. Remote controls unlock even more potential for motion sensors by allowing the user to configure settings such as light output, time delay for sensor activation/deactivation, and detection radius to name a few.

High Bay LED Lighting Rebates

Commercial lighting rebate programs, run by utility companies, states and nonprofit organizations, are available to 74% of the United States. These programs are designed to save companies money when installing new LED lighting, and many include rebates for high bay fixtures.