4ft. LED Linear Strip Retrofit | Wattage Adjustable & Color Tunable

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Case of 2 - 4ft. Wattage Adjustable & Color Tunable LED Linear Strip Light Retrofit - 22W/30W/40W - 3500K/4000K/5000K - Medinah Power

Medinah Power

Certified/Rated for Dimmable Certified/Rated for Ul Listed Certified/Rated for Damp Location Certified/Rated for 0 To 10v Dimmable

$57.49 each

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Are you looking into replacing your fluorescent lighting with LEDs? LED Linear Strip Light Retrofit Kits Make It Easy!

Upgrade outdated fluorescent strip fixtures by using LED linear strip light retrofit kits to make them into energy efficient LED lights. LED lighting comes with reduces maintenance costs and are an ideal solution to replacing fluorescent lighting. There are numerous applications including offices and retail environments. These 4ft. LED Linear Strip Light Retrofits from Medinah Power are both wattage adjustable and color tunable making your lighting become multiple fixtures in one. It has a rated life of 100,000 hours, has retrofit mounting included, and integrated driver that includes dimming control wiring for 0-10V dimming systems.

These lights are also UL Listed and suitable for installation in damp locations. They have a long-lasting white finish for high durability and a frosted PMMA lens. The CRI of each retrofit light is 80+ and has an input voltage of 120-277V.

This versatile LED strip light retrofit is equipped with two dip switches for the user to select between the wattage and the color temperature. At 125 lumens per watt, each wattage provides approximately the following amount of light:

  • 22W: 2860 Lumens
  • 30W: 3900 Lumens
  • 40W: 5200 Lumens

In addition to being wattage selectable, these retrofit strip lights are also color tunable allowing you to select between a range of three different color temperatures including 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K. With all the different configurations available in this one light, it is extremely versatile to many different applications or customer preferences.

This LED strip light retrofit is DLC V5.1 Pending meaning it is highly energy efficient and may qualify for utility rebates in certain areas. Check out our Rebate Assistant tool to find if this product qualifies for you!

Product Dimensions - 48" L x 5.8" W x 2.4" D

FAQ - LED Linear Strip Light Retrofits

Q: What is an LED linear strip light retrofit?

An LED Linear Strip Light Retrofit is a type of light fixture that has been designed to replace existing or outdated fluorescent or linear strip lighting systems. LED Linear Strip Light Retrofits are an energy-efficient alternative to traditional lighting options like fluorescent lamps. They feature a long lifespan and low maintenance requirements.

Q: Why should I consider retrofitting my linear strip lights with LED?

Retrofitting your linear strip lights with LED provides several benefits. LED lighting is more energy efficient than traditional lighting, meaning that you can reduce your energy costs over time. LEDs also have a much longer lifespan than traditional lighting, meaning that you won't need to replace them as often. Additionally, LED lighting provides bright illumination and superior light quality, making it ideal for numerous applications.

Q: How complicated is the retrofitting process?

Retrofitting a linear strip light with an LED retrofit kit is relatively straightforward. The process involves disconnecting the existing lighting fixture and replacing it with the LED retrofit kit to make it an LED fixture. Depending on the type of fixture and the existing wiring, the process may require some basic electrical work. Please be sure to follow local codes if an electrician is required to install the product.

Q: Do I need to replace the ballast during a retrofit?

Most LED retrofit kits do not require the ballast as they bypass the existing ballast. This LED linear strip light retrofit from Medinah Power requires the ballast to be bypassed meaning that the ballast must be removed. The instructions give more detail as to what else need to be removed for the fixture to work correctly with the retrofit kit installed.

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Extra Information

Medinah Power
Country Of Origin:
medinah-power-ies-retrofit-strip-light|ies|IES File
medinah-power-retrofit-strip-light-im|pdf|Instruction Manual
medinah-power-retrofit-strip-light-spec|pdf|Specification Sheet
Color Temp / CCT:
Color Tunable 3500-4000-5000K
Life Hours:
100,000 Hours
Light Source:
Lumens per Watt:
125 lm/W
Lumens Range:
2,600 - 5,200 Lumens
Operating Temp - Low:
-20C / -4F
Operating Temp - High:
50C / 122F
5 Year
22W/30W/40W Adjustable
Color Tunable 3500-4000-5000K
Ratings and Certifications:
UL Listed
Ratings and Certifications:
Damp Location
Instant On
Long Life Span
Suitable for Damp Locations
Wattage & CCT Adjustable
Recommended Uses:
Recommended Uses:
Recommended Uses:
Recommended Uses:
Lens Material:
Frosted PMMA Lens
Left Overlay Image:
2 Pack.png
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