LED Area Light | 100W | 14,100 Lumens

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LED Area Light - 100W - 14,100 Lumens

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MAL05100W27V40KDT3 | MAL05100W27V50KDT3
Certified/Rated for Dimmable Certified/Rated for Ul Listed Certified/Rated for Wet Location Certified/Rated for 0 To 10v Dimmable
  • Yoke Mount Bracket Yoke Mount for LumeGen Area Lights
  • Wall Mount
  • 4" Square Pole Mount with 2-3/8" Tenon
  • 5" Square Pole Mount with 2-3/8" Tenon
  • 2-3/8" Tenon Mount Adapter for Yoke Fixtures
  • LED Area Light - Wall Mounting Kit for Sliptfitter Fixtures
  • Double Horizontal Tenon Adapter - 90°
  • Double Horizontal Tenon Adapter - 180°
  • Square Pole Tenon Adapter
  • Triple Horizontal Tenon Adapter - 90°
  • Triple Horizontal Tenon Adapter - 120°
  • 4" Round Pole Tenon Adapter


Light Up Large Commercial Outdoor Spaces and Sites with LED Area Lighting Fixtures

Rugged and reliable, this one-piece die-cast aluminum LED area light is perfect for numerous commercial lighting applications including auto dealerships, parking lots for campuses, grocery stores, and other large outdoor spaces. It is low profile and 3G vibration rated to minimize wind load requirements. The housing is also completely sealed against moisture and contaminants from the environment.

This LED area light comes with IES Type III distribution and is available in two color temperatures (4000K and 5000K). The operating temperature of this fixture is -40°C to 40°C (-40°F to 104°F). There are different mounting options for this area light as well and is suitable for mounting heights ranging from 26 to 50 feet.

The estimated LED lifespan is 100,000 hours to provide years of bright light output at minimal maintenance costs. The input voltage is universal 120-277 VAC and a 0-10V dimming driver is equipped making this area light 10% to 100% dimming compatible. The power is also adjustable and can be adjusted to the following levels: 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100%.

Product Specifications:

  • 4000K and 5000K Color Temperatures Available
  • 100W
  • 14,100 Lumens (141 lm/W)
  • 120-277V
  • 0-10V Dimming Driver
  • 70 CRI
  • Distribution Type III

Product Dimensions - 12.63" L x 9.25" W x 2.46" H

Different Mounting Accessories for Pole or Wall Mounting

Please note that the images of this product show the product with the mounts attached. All mounts need to be purchased separately.

There are four mounting options that are compatible with this light that can be purchases separately:

  • LEDMKAL1000050180 - Square/Round Pole Mount
  • LEDMKAL1000050181 - Slipfitter Mount
  • LEDMKAL1000050182 - Yoke Mount
  • LEDMKAL1000050183 - Wall Mount

There are also additional mounting accessories that are compatible with this light that can be purchased separately:

  • LEDMKAL1000050187 - 4" Square Pole Mount with 2-3/8" Tenon
  • LEDMKAL1000050188 - 5" Square Pole Mount with 2-3/8" Tenon
  • LEDMKAL1000050189 - 2-3/8" Tenon Mount Adapter for Yoke Fixtures
  • LEDMKAL1000050190 - Wall Mounting Kit for Slipfitter Fixtures
  • LEDMKAL1000050191 - Double Horizontal Tenon Adapter - 90°
  • LEDMKAL1000050192 - Double Horizontal Tenon Adapter - 180°
  • LEDMKAL1000050193 - Quad Horizontal Tenon Adapter - 90°
  • LEDMKAL1000050194 - Square Pole Tenon Adapter
  • LEDMKAL1000050195 - Triple Horizontal Tenon Adapter - 90°
  • LEDMKAL1000050196 - Triple Horizontal Tenon Adapter - 120°
  • LEDMKAL1000050197 - 4" Round Pole Tenon Adapter
  • LEDMKAL1000050198 - 5" Round Pole Tenon Adapter

What are area lights?

Area lights are an effective way to illuminate large outdoor areas including but not limited to parking lots, student or work campuses, The main purpose other than illumination is safety. Area lights can be mounted in a variety of ways making them ideal for numerous applications. LED area lights make great security lights because of their energy efficiency and there are no more bulbs to change. LED area lights emit bright, even light because they are high lumen fixtures to evenly illuminate large areas.

How much power does this area light use?

This area light uses 100W of power and is rated to last 100,000 hours.

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Extra Information

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Case Qty:
Country Of Origin:
mester-area-light-mal05-spec|pdf|Specification Sheet
mester-mal05-im|pdf|Instruction Manual
Life Hours:
100,000 Hours
Light Source:
Lumens per Watt:
141 lm/W
Lumens Range:
10,000 - 15,000 Lumens
Operating Temp - Low:
-40C / -40F
Operating Temp - High:
40C / 104F
5 Year
5000K Daylight
4000K Bright White
Ratings and Certifications:
UL Listed
Ratings and Certifications:
Wet Location
Great Heat Dissipation
Instant On
Long Life Span
Suitable for Wet Locations
Die-casting aluminum housing
Recommended Uses:
Recommended Uses:
Recommended Uses:
Recommended Uses:
MAL05100W27V40KDT3 | MAL05100W27V50KDT3
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